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The Science of Tantra

"Tantra is basically spiritual sexology – because man's mind is perverted throughout the world by religions teaching repression of sex. Tantra is the only science which teaches you expression of sex – not as indulgence, but as a spiritual discipline. This is a transformation of a biological phenomenon into spirituality." Osho
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"I go on gossiping to you about the beauty of the world, of the stars, of the sun, of the moon. Perhaps, listening continuously to my gossips about beauty, you may open your eyes, saying 'Let me see....' Perhaps there are no stars, no sun, nothing, but your eyes will be open. You will be grateful to me, but not dependent on me."

Osho, From Death to Deathlessness, #17

The Science of Tantra
Excerpted from: From Darkness to Light, #27

"Ramakrishna was one of the great tantrikas of this century. The story is beautiful .... He had his first glimpse of superconsciousness when he was only fourteen. But that age, fourteen, is also the age when sexuality starts its journey. And he had his first experience of superconsciousness at the same time."

"He practiced tantra with Sharda ... he would put Sharda naked on a high pedestal and sit underneath just like a devoted son. This was an old and ancient method of tantra: that if you can see in a beautiful naked woman your mother and still no desire arises, or if it arises you simply watch it pass. It will pass because nothing remains in the mind forever. The mind is in a constant flux nothing remains stable, so don't be worried if anything comes, just be watchful, but underneath let the basic idea remain that of the mother.

"Yes, in the beginning there were, ideas. Ramakrishna was young and sexuality was there; but he watched, and he watched year in, year out with the basic concept clear. Slowly, slowly all those ideas, when they are not received well, start disappearing. If a guest comes and you don't even say, 'Hello,' how long is he going to come to you?

"Soon the basic idea remained there. All sex ideas, desires disappeared. Sharda became his mother. It took years, every night, but it was a double-edged sword because while he was practicing, Sharda was also practicing just an ancient Indian idea. If the husband is moving above sex, then the wife should follow him; she should be a shadow. She never objected, she never said anything like, 'What nonsense is this?'

"As Ramakrishna grew, Sharda was also growing; their growth was simultaneous, so much so that when Ramakrishna died .... It is a custom in India that the wife becomes a widow. She cannot use any symbols of a married woman: bangles, a teeka, colored clothes only white sarees without borders.

"But Sharda did not follow any of it. She continued to wear the bangles, colored saris; she continued to use the red mark on the forehead which declares that the woman is married, and her husband is alive. People objected. She said, 'You may not know, but I know he is alive. I know, and my relationship with him remains the same as it was always: I am his mother, he is my son.'

"They said, 'This woman also has gone mad with that madman. He was mad, that was certain, but we never knew that he will drive this woman also mad.'

"Tantra is a scientific methodology; it has many techniques to transform sex." Osho


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