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Ancient Music in the Pines

In Zen, Mind Suddenly Stops
Today, humanity is caught up in the mad complexity of the mind, and as never before, there is an urgent need to rediscover simplicity and innocence. Osho brings to life the inherent and timeless wisdom of traditional Zen stories. He shows us that Zen is a way of dissolving philosophical problems, not of solving them. It is a way of getting rid of philosophy, because philosophy is a sort of neurosis. Zen is for those intelligent enough to understand the limitations of the intellect and ready to recognize the significance of intuition in the world of mysticism.
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    #1: Left Brain, Right Brain, Inner Conflict
    #2: The Meaning of Maturity
    #3: The Halo of Yakushi-buddha
    #4: Be a Light Unto Yourself
    #5: The Ultimate Secrets of Swordsmanship
    #6: Madmen and Devotees
    #7: The Proper State of Mind
    #8: Life, Death, and Love
    #9: You Have My Marrow
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Excerpt from: Ancient Music in the Pines, Chapter 1
"You can hear the ancient music in the pines because it is eternal music, it is never lost. You have lost the capacity to hear it. The music is eternal; once you regain your capacity, suddenly it is there again. It has always been there, only you were not there. Be here now and you can also see clouds a thousand miles away, and hear ancient music in the pines." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

silence... breathing... alive... meditation... memory... situation... trust... bodhidharma... einstein... shaw...

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