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Beyond the Mind to the Source

Talk #12 of the Series, The Book of Secrets

"There are many questions. The first question:"
Last night you said that with the dawn of enlightenment, the space between the two eyebrows, the third eye, becomes all inclusive. The other day you said that all enlightened ones are centered in their navel, and on still another day you have explained about the silver cord in the middle of the spine. Thus, we know about three basic things as the roots of man. Please explain the relative significance and relative functions of these three things: the navel center, the third eye and the silver cord.
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Osho continues:
"The basic thing to be understood about these centers is this: whenever you are centered within, the moment you are centered, whatsoever may be the center, you fall down to the navel. If you are centered at the heart, the heart is irrelevant – centering is meaningful.

"Or if you are centered at the third eye, the third eye is not basic; the basic point is that your consciousness is centered. So whatsoever may be the point of centering, once you are centered – anywhere – you will fall down to the navel.

"The basic existential center is the navel, but your functional center may be anywhere. From that center you will fall down automatically. There is no need to think about it. And this is not so only with the heart center or the third eye center. If you are really centered in reason, in the head, you will also fall down to the navel center.

"Centering is the thing, but it is very difficult to be centered in reason, in the head. There are problems. The heart center is based on love, faith, surrender. The head is based on doubt and negation.

"To be totally negative is really impossible; to be totally in doubt is impossible. But it has happened sometimes, because the impossible also happens. Sometimes, if your doubt comes to such an intensity that nothing remains which is believed, not even the doubting mind is believed, if the doubt turns upon itself and everything becomes doubt, then you will fall down to the navel center immediately. But this is a very rare phenomenon.

"Trust is easier. You can trust totally more easily than you can doubt totally. You can say yes totally more easily than you can say no. So even if you are centered at the head, the centering is what is basic: you will fall down to your existential roots. So be centered anywhere. The spine will do; the heart will do; the head will do. Or you can also find other centers in the body.

"Buddhists talk about nine chakras – nine dynamic centers in the body. Hindus talk about seven chakras – seven dynamic centers in the body. Tibetans talk about thirteen centers in the body. You can find your own also, there is no need to study about these.

"Any point in the body can be made an object of centering. For example, Tantra uses the sex center for centering. Tantra works with bringing your consciousness to it totally."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

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