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The Ego Is the Judas

Talk #7 of the Series, Come Follow to You, Vol. 4

"A man was traveling through the wilderness when he came across some animals having a speech contest. The judge was a lion who invited the man to become part of the audience. The man accepted.

"A fox stood up and gave a smooth and clever speech. At one point, he declared, 'The moon is larger than the sun.'

"The next speaker was an elephant whose voice boomed out with power and authority. His talk included the sentence, 'Summer is cooler than winter.'

"Then came a tiger whose eloquence impressed everyone. At one point he said, 'The river runs uphill.'

"The observing man remarked to the lion, 'They are superb orators. However, I'm puzzled. All of them made statements which were obviously untrue. Not only that, but the audience either did not notice or did not care."
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Osho continues:
"Why do your speakers make false statements?

"'That's an unworthy habit, all right,' admitted the lion, 'but the audience is more interested in entertainment than in enlightenment. And, if you don't mind sir, I would like to tell you that we have picked up this bad habit from you human beings.'

"The priests, the politicians: they are great orators, superb; great thinkers, very complex weavers, spinners of theories, philosophies, but, they are not sincere about religion. They use religion. Religion is, at the most, a profession. And the audience is not interested in enlightenment, the audience is seeking entertainment. Whether you go to a cinema hall or to a theater, to a dancing party, or to the church or the temple, your interest is the same: you are seeking some place where you can forget yourself. You are seeking entertainment.

"Enlightenment is just the opposite. You will have to seek a space within yourself where it becomes impossible to forget yourself; where even if you want, it is not possible to forget; where self-remembering becomes a constant flame.

"Here is the point where people like Jesus create trouble. They are not great orators. They are not interested in theories and they are not there to entertain anybody. They are not professionals. They are not using religion for their own ends. They are sincere people – sincerely interested in helping, sincerely interested in creating a situation where man can realize himself. The trouble starts because the professionals are already there; the priests, the politicians are already there.

"Whenever a man like Jesus enters into the world, the priests and the politicians become alert. It is dangerous for them. If Jesus succeeds, they will be thrown, uprooted. The whole establishment will collapse. If the establishment has to remain, then Jesus has to be destroyed.

"This is the first thing to be understood because this is always happening, even today, and this will go on happening History goes on repeating itself not because there is any natural law that history should repeat itself, but only because man has not changed. Man remains the same, the old. He behaves again and again in the same way. You are here with me; many priests are worried about it, many politicians are worried about it."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

innocent… phenomenon… contrast… rascal… judas… jesus… matthew

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