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From Pseudo-Faith to Your Original Face

Talk #6 of the Series, From Misery to Enlightenment

"I am constantly drifting away every day. It is something in the very nature of things I am talking about. I cannot help it. With each word spoken, I have so many dimensions available; I have to choose one. Which one I choose makes no difference, the others are left. And then there is no way of coming back to them because each new word will be bringing new implications. So you have to go on reminding me – don't feel shy about it.

"I am reminded of a story because I told you about reminding me. That's how I go on drifting! Now what do you say, should I tell it or? Because if I tell it, then I have gone again. If I don't tell, then too. It is better to tell it."
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Osho continues:
"Whenever it is a question of doing something or not doing something, it is better to do it.

"In a small church, the priest was very much annoyed, disturbed, irritated by an old man who was the most respected member of the congregation. He was the richest man of the town; he had donated so much to the church, and he was always donating to all kinds charities. Of course, he was sitting in front every Sunday, and even before the priest would start speaking he would start dozing away. And if he was only sleeping while the priest was speaking, it would not have been such a big problem. The real problem was, the moment he went to sleep he would start snoring so loudly – and the church was so small and the congregation was so small, there was no loudspeaker even.

"And he was snoring just in front of the priest.

"But the old man used to come with a young child, his grandson. The priest thought of an idea. After the service was over, he took the little boy aside, and told him, 'I will give you half a dollar per Sunday if you go on keeping your old man awake. All that you have to do is, the moment he snores you push him and wake him up.'

"He said, 'Done – in advance?'

"The priest said, 'You are as smart as your old man – in advance.'

"The little boy said, 'In advance – I don't believe in people. You give me half a dollar and you see: next Sunday I will not let him sleep or snore.'

"The next Sunday was really a beautiful day because the boy did not allow his grandfather to sleep or to snore. But the old man was very angry with the boy. After the sermon he said, 'What happened to you? Why did you go on waking me up? – you disturbed my whole day. In fact, this is the only time when I sleep, and sleep well. In the night I don't have that good a sleep – so many thoughts and so many problems. And here, listening to that idiot – the same sermon, the same monotonous voice – it gives me such a good sleep."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

pseudo… sleep… momentary… bliss… unconscious… primitive… profound… dostoevsky… hanuman… mahavira

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