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Jealousy: Society's Device to Divide and Rule

Talk #4 of the Series, From Personality to Individuality

"Society has exploited the individual in so many ways that it is almost impossible to believe.

"It has created devices so clever and cunning that it is almost impossible even to detect that they are devices. These devices are to exploit the individual, to destroy his integrity, to take away from him all that he has got – without even creating a suspicion in him, even a doubt about what is being done to him.

"Jealousy is one of those tremendously powerful devices.

"From the very childhood every society, every culture, every religion teaches everybody comparison.

"And the child is bound to learn it. He is just a tabula rasa, a blank paper without any writing; so whatsoever the parents, the teachers, the priests write on him, he starts believing that is his destiny, it is his fate."
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Osho continues:
"Man comes into existence with all the doors open, all directions available; all the dimensions are for him to choose. But before he can choose, before he can be, before he can even feel his being, he is spoiled. And spoiled by those who think they love him – crushed, crippled, conditioned with all the good intentions in the world.

"But what can you expect from good intentions?

"You are poisoning somebody with good intentions.

"I know that you are not aware that you are poisoning them, because you have been poisoned in your turn and this has been going on since Adam and Eve.

"What did God the father do to Adam and Eve? He deserves to be called father; whether he exists or not does not matter, but he deserves to be called father because he fulfilled all the conditions of being a father. His orders were to the children, Adam and Eve, his creation, 'You are not to eat from two trees the tree of knowledge and the tree of eternal life.' And this man you call father?

"He is preventing you from the two most important things! Nothing can be more important than the exploration of your life and its eternity. And without a tremendous inquiry into knowing, into wisdom, you are not going to figure out what life is, where it is moving.

"God prohibits Adam and Eve from the most important things that make you an individual, that give you self-respect, that confer on you integrity, authenticity, beinghood. He wants you to remain ignorant forever. He wants you to be unaware of your own life source. Of course, this man is your father.

"And since this great father, all the small fathers have been doing the same.

"I cannot forgive God. I can forgive all the other, small fathers; they are poor people. They are doing to you what has been done to them, they are simply transferring their inheritance. What else can they do? But I cannot forgive God. He has no father. He cannot find the excuse, 'Because it has been done to me I am doing it to them. I don't know any other way.' No, it is his invention."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

sound… projection… natural… joy… burden… effort… direction… eve… galileo… desai

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