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Enlightenment Is Not an Experience

Talk #10 of the Series, The Hidden Splendor

"Prem Nandano, each individual needs a different treatment because each individual is so unique. On the path there can be no mass surgery. You are right that you have not been hit; you don't need it.

"You are saying, 'Whenever you talk about your surgery, or hitting people hard, I can sense what you mean by it.' Only people who are so unconscious that unless you hit them they cannot wake up…everybody is not so asleep, so unconscious. There are so many categories. A few people are just on the verge, where a small push by a loving hand will do the whole surgery; a small push and the bird is on the wing. There was a little hesitation; just that little hesitation has to be removed. A little fear of the unknown…and the only way to remove the fear of the unknown is to push you into the unknown."
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Osho continues:
"Because what is unknown to you is known to me; so on my part there is no question of any hesitation.

"You say, 'Yet in all these years I have never experienced it myself.' You will never experience it. You are one of those fortunate people who need a very tender and loving treatment – a hit can destroy you, a hit can make you more afraid of the future and the unknown.

"The master works according to the need of the disciple; each according to his need.

"You say to me, 'You are like a potter. I feel your hands molding me, guiding me, leading me, strong and firm, but also with such tenderness and love as I have never experienced before. It is such a joy to be formed by your gorgeous hands.' To you I am a potter, because to me you are a pot! Now, to hit a pot is to destroy it – and a very immature pot; you have not even gone through the fire test – that's why you have not experienced it.

"But if you want to experience, it is up to you: just wait a little! Once you have passed through the fire and you have become hard and capable of receiving a hit…because the hit is also so beautiful, so loving, that you will forget all the tenderness and all the love that I am showing to you – it is out of pity. And when I strongly hit somebody – that too is out of love – my hit gives you dignity. It is a recognition of your strength, your integrity, your centeredness.

"You are asking, 'Osho, in my doubting mind, a question arises: can it really be true that you are guiding me ever so gently?' I have to, you are fragile. But you will not remain fragile forever. And it is a spiritual surgery, not a butcher's shop.

"Rejoice in whatever you are getting. The hits will also come in their right time. Perhaps they are also a basic need, finally – just as a child is born and the cord that joins him to the mother has to be cut, although it has been his life for nine months."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

awakened… moment… objects… loving… conscious… observer… intimacy… ryokan

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