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Watchfulness: Your Gift to Yourself

Talk #17 of the Series, The Hidden Splendor

"It is possible that things may be happening within you of which you are not aware, because your awareness is very small, and you are very big. Your whole consciousness is ten times bigger than your awareness, and that ten-times-bigger consciousness is absolutely in darkness. Much continues to happen in your dark inside. You become aware only when it surfaces and comes into the area of your awareness – which is very small.

"In fact, it is part of your biology, physiology, that you should not be aware of most things when they are happening because your awareness can become a hindrance to their happening. You eat food, but do you know how it is digested? When it is digested, when your food becomes your blood and your bones?

"Up to three hundred years ago, for centuries man had thought that blood is static in the body."
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Osho continues:
"The idea of the circulation of blood was non-existent all over the world. Just three hundred years ago, physicians became aware that blood is constantly moving at a fast speed – the blood that is in your feet, within seconds will be in your head, and it goes round and round. Its circulation is absolutely necessary to clean all dead cells from your body, to take them away, to bring new oxygen to your cells, because each cell needs oxygen for its life.

"But you are not aware of it all, and in fact if you were aware, you would go mad. So much is happening inside you that it would be impossible for you to maintain your sanity.

"The child in the mother's womb sleeps twenty-four hours a day, for the simple reason that in those nine months more things happen in his body than will happen in the seventy years which are to follow after his birth. Much more is happening in those nine months than is going to happen in the body between his birth and death. Hence, he has to remain constantly asleep – no awareness at all.

"When you are tired, when you feel spent, you need a good sleep – have you ever thought why? You need a good sleep so that your awareness does not interfere with the rejuvenating of your body. In the morning you feel fresh, again ready to work. What a miracle sleep has done to you! On a greater scale, when it becomes almost impossible for the body to rejuvenate itself, death happens. Death is nothing but a long sleep, a deep sleep, so that your soul can move into another body, into some womb. But your awareness can be a disturbance, so your death almost always happens in a deep sleep. Before you die, you fall asleep; you lose all consciousness, all awareness – it is the greatest surgery that nature does.

"What is true about the body and about your physiology is also true about your psychology – much is happening of which you are not aware. You become aware only when a certain situation arises: you are a peaceful man, but somebody insults you and anger arises in you, of which you were not aware."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

aware… dreams… hell… ignorance… psychoanalysis… inside… madness… authentic… abundant… einstein

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