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This Moment Is More than Enough

Talk #5 of the Series, The Hidden Splendor

"The physical world has definite laws without any exception. But the spiritual world has no laws as such, because there are always exceptions. That is part of the freedom of the spiritual area of our being. So whatever I say about the spiritual growth, always remember: there are exceptions, because it is a freedom of consciousness.

"It is freedom from laws, too. When I use the word law in the spiritual realm, I simply mean that generally, it happens that way. But that does not mean that it only happens that way. What is the first step to one person may not be the first step to another person. What is the second step to one person may not be the second step to another person. Spirituality recognizes your individuality and your uniqueness."
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Osho continues:
"In the physical world, there are no exceptions because there is no consciousness and there is no freedom. Trees are not struggling for freedom, the stars are not struggling for freedom – they are not even conscious about the phenomenon. Not even the whole of humanity is striving for spiritual growth. Millions of people are not even aware that there is much more to life than they can ever imagine or can ever dream. They go on living as if they are under a physical, mechanical law.

"My whole effort here is to break the ice for you, to make a space available for you so that you can see: you have every possibility to go beyond laws, rules, regularities. And no two persons' spiritual growth is going to be the same, because no two persons are in any way the same. They are all unique individuals. And as you become more and more alert, you will also become more and more unique. At the highest peak of consciousness, you are absolutely like yourself alone. There has never been anybody like you before, nor will there be anybody afterwards. Existence does not repeat.

"Many people have wondered why, after twenty-five centuries, millions of Buddhist monks – who have been striving hard, sincerely, honestly – have not been able to produce a single Gautam Buddha. And it is not only true about Gautam Buddha; the same is true about Socrates, the same is true about Kabir, the same is true about Jesus, the same is true about Nanak.

"You can, at the most, imitate. You can act the role in the drama of life – but it will not be an authentic and existential growth in you, but only a parrot-like repetition. The reason why there has never been another Socrates, another Buddha, another Chuang Tzu, another Kabir, is not that people have not strived.

"People have strived; millions of people have strived hard. And I want to say to you: it is because of their striving that they missed being themselves. They never became Buddhas, they never became Meeras. They never became Kabir, they never became Nanak. On the contrary, because they were trying to become somebody, they missed becoming what they were destined to be."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

ego… existence… spiritual… religious… looking… potential… rivers… criminal… rushing… judas

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