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Osho Audiobooks - Series of Talks: And the Flowers Showered (mp3)


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And the Flowers Showered

Using eleven Zen stories as a starting point and diving deep into their mysterious world, he then weaves his magical clarity on many diverse contemporary topics. From the true meaning of happiness to an understanding of the process of death, it's all here. To begin reading this book is to commence a journey into the world of wonder.

Buddha’s disciple Subhuti is showered with blossoms upon experiencing sublime emptiness. But isn’t emptiness usually an absence of something?
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Excerpt from: And the Flowers Showered, Chapter 1
"Whenever you are against something, remember, understanding has not arisen – because in understanding for and against both disappear. In understanding you are not inimical to the world. In understanding you are not condemning the world and the people there. If you go on condemning, your condemnation shows that somewhere there is a wound, and you are feeling jealous – because without jealousy there can be no condemnation. You condemn people because somehow, somewhere, unconsciously you feel they are enjoying themselves and you have missed. You go on saying this world is just a dream, but if it is really a dream then why insist that it is a dream? Nobody insists about dreams. In the morning you wake up and you know your dream was a dream – finished. You don’t go telling people that whatsoever they are is a dream.

"Remember one trick of the mind: you try to convince people about something just to convince yourself, because when the other feels convinced you feel okay. If you go and tell people that sex is sin and they are convinced or they cannot refute you, you become happy. You have convinced yourself. Looking into others’ eyes, you are trying to cover your own failure.

"Negative emptiness is useless. It is simply the absence of something. Positive emptiness is presence of something, not absence; that’s why positive emptiness becomes a power. Negative emptiness becomes a sad, depressed state of mind – you simply cave yourself inwards, that’s all. Feeling a failure, feeling dejected, feeling everywhere the wall that you cannot cross, feeling impotent, you denounce, you condemn. But this is not a growth, this is a regression. And deep inside you cannot flower, because only understanding flowers, never depression, and if you cannot flower, existence is not going to shower flowers on you. Existence simply responds to you: whatsoever you are, existence gives you more of that. If you have many flowers within your being flowering, a million times more flowers will shower on you. If you have a deep depression, the existence helps that too – a million times more depression will come to you." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

reality... devil... moment... learn... anger... attention... emptiness... meditation... way... flower...

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