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Osho Audiobooks - Series of Talks: From Darkness to Light (mp3)


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From Darkness to Light

In this series of comprehensive, colorful and profound talks, Osho examines the ways in which the institutions of society have systematically crippled man′s authenticity and individuality. He goes on to point to man′s true potential for freedom, found within each of us, that moves far beyond the society′s narrow perimeters. Osho defines a vision of education which helps each person bring his own uniqueness from the darkness into light; from unconsciousness into a life lived with awareness.
Through responding to a wide variety of personal questions, such as: "Why is it so difficult to get rid of pain, misery and suffering?" "You said that right and wrong are determined by society. Is there no universal right or wrong?" "
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Excerpt from: From Darkness to Light, Chapter 4

Would you please comment on the death penalty?

"The death penalty is a degrading proof of man’s inhumanity to man. It shows that man is still living in the barbarous age. Civilization still remains an idea – it has not become a reality.

"The death penalty is so idiotic that you will have to look from all the aspects to understand why such an idiotic thing has continued in all the civilizations, cultures, nations. Even in a few countries where it was dropped it has been adopted again. In a few other countries where it has been dropped, it has been replaced by life imprisonment - which is worse than the death penalty itself. It is better to die in a single moment than to go on dying slowly for fifty years, sixty years.

"Changing from the death penalty to a life sentence is going not towards civilization; it is going still deeper into barbarous, inhuman darkness, unconsciousness.

"The first thing to remember is that the death penalty is not really a punishment. If you cannot give life as a reward, you cannot give death as a penalty. This is a simple logic, there cannot be two opinions about it. If you cannot give life to people, what right have you to take their life?

"I am reminded of a true story. It happened that two criminals were in search of a treasure that was hidden in a castle. Many people had tried but had not found the way; somehow these criminals stumbled upon the treasure. The treasure was so vast that one of the two was not willing to divide it. The only way was to kill the other, but in killing the other he might get caught. There was danger, and now he could not take any risk because the whole treasure was in his hands.

"He managed a very cunning way. He disappeared and spread the rumor that he had been murdered, and he left all the evidence that would prove that his friend was the murderer.;" Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

science... nobody... music... religious... sleep... separate... philosophy... alexander... nobel... jung...

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