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The Guest

This series of talks is based on Kabir′s penetrating, beautiful songs. There is only one thing in the world that satisfies, says Kabir, and that is the meeting with yourself. The meeting with the guest – with your inner being, the godliness within you – is the way to the completion of your life. Here Osho brings us to the understanding that to be natural, total, here and now, supported by meditation, will lead you to that space where truth is possible.
With Kabir′s songs and answers to questions, we are gently guided to search within ourselves to find the peace and the ecstasy of understanding.
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Excerpt from: The Guest, Chapter 1
"Man is not what he is; man has become what he is not; that’s the root cause of his misery. He has gone astray from his being; he has become too involved in becoming.

"To become means to become false. To become means to become that which you are not. To be is already the case. Man has not to become anything other than he is, he has to relax into his being and know the truth.

"The truth is already given, the truth is not somewhere in the future. It is not a goal but the source. You are coming from truth. If you can find the source again you will know what truth is. You are not going towards truth; all going takes you farther and farther away from truth.

"You must have heard the name of Radha. Mythologically she is known to be the most beloved woman of Krishna. He had many lovers; Radha was the suprememost. But historically there has never been any woman by the name of Radha, and in the ancient scriptures her name is not mentioned at all. It is an invention of later mystics, later sages, and it has tremendous significance; it will be good to understand it." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

god... love... remember... doubt... learning... zero... intelligent... kabir... farid... mahavira...

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