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Originally published as: Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol.10
Renamed to: Yoga: The Science of the Soul, Vol. 10
Now called: Yoga: The Supreme Science

Osho Audiobooks - Series of Talks: Yoga: The Supreme Science (mp3)


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Yoga: The Supreme Science

Talks on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
Vol. 10 of the Series: Yoga: the Science of the Soul
Osho speaks on a selection of yoga sutras of Patanjali, revealing the vast and deep insight of this ancient science into man′s inner world. He says: "Patanjali takes the whole complexity of the human being into account; that has to be understood. Never before and never after has such a comprehensive system evolved." The subjects explored are as significant today as they were 5000 years ago, and include: understanding what is called the "ego" within us, the maddening grip of the mind and thinking in our lives, the nature of desire, and the mechanism of motivation. Osho speaks on desirelessness, enlightenment and pure consciousness in an entirely pragmatic, natural and accessible way, offering an alternative way of living and of transforming our very selves. A very inspiring book!
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Excerpt from: Yoga, The Supreme Science, Chapter 1
"Mind goes on changing. Just a moment before you had one mind, a moment afterwards you have another mind. Just a few minutes before you were angry, and now you are laughing. Just a moment before you were happy, and now you are sad. Modifications, changes, continuous waves up and down; like a yo-yo you go on. But something in you is eternal: that which goes on witnessing the play, the game. The witnesser is the lord. If you start witnessing, by and by, you will come closer and closer to the lord.

"Start witnessing objects. You see a tree. You see the tree, but you are not aware that you are seeing it; then you are not a witness. You see the tree, and at the same time you see that you are seeing; then you are a witness. Consciousness has to become double-arrowed: one arrow going to the tree, another arrow going to your subjectivity.

"It is difficult, because when you become aware of yourself you forget the tree, and when you become aware of the tree you forget yourself. But by and by, one learns to balance, just as one learns to balance on a tight-rope. Difficult in the beginning, dangerous, risky, but by and by, one learns the balance. Just go on trying. Wherever you have an opportunity to be a witness, don’t miss it, because there is nothing more valuable than witnessing. Doing an act: walking or eating or taking a bath, become a witness also. Let the shower fall on you, but inside you remain alert and see what is happening – the coolness of the water, the tingling sensation all over the body, a certain silence surrounding you, a certain well-being arising in you – but go on becoming a witness. You are feeling happy; just feeling happy is not enough – be a witness. Just go on watching – ‘I’m feeling happy…I’m feeling sad…I’m feeling hungry’ – go on watching. By and by, you will see that happiness is separate from you, unhappiness also. All that you can witness is separate from you. This is the method of vivek, discrimination. All that is separate from you can be witnessed, and all that can be witnessed is separate from you. You cannot witness the witnesser; that is the lord. You cannot go behind the lord; you are the lord. You are the ultimate core of existence." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

trust... love... life... desire... desires... habit... nothingness... christ... patanjali... krishnamurti...

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