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Zen: The Path of Paradox, Vol. 2

This book is brimming with Zen anecdotes showing life′s paradoxical nature and that if you look around you will find contradiction everywhere. The message is clear that the more we dissect and analyze, the more neurotic we become. The man of Zen has utter respect for himself; he does not believe in outer disciplines, rules and regulations. He trusts the inner – a trust that comes out of meditation and a trust that makes nature divine.
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Excerpt from: Zen: The Path of Paradox, Vol 2 Chapter 9
"God is present. You cannot say ‘God was’ – that will be stupid. And you cannot say ‘God will be’ – that will be stupid again. You can only say ‘God is’. God always IS – there is no ‘was’and no ‘will be’. God is.

"This is-ness is called by the Zen people ‘TATHATA’ – suchness. This suchness cannot be expressed by language. Language will destroy this suchness – it will divide into past, present and future. And immediately things disappear – the moment you divide the wholeness of a thing, you destroy it.

"I can show you a beautiful rose, you can take the petals off to look inside it – what makes it tick? But then you have destroyed the flower. You can go to a chemist, you can find all the chemicals that make the flower, you can find how and why it smells, what makes this beautiful rose-smell come. You can find why it is red or why it is yellow or why it is black; you can find all the constituents. But you will not find one thing which was the most significant: you will not find beauty. You can put all those chemicals in different bottles – labelled, measured, classified – but one bottle will remain empty, the bottle that is labelled ‘beauty’. Beauty you will not find. Beauty is only of the whole. So is truth only of the whole.

"Language is linear, and truth is simultaneous. It is as if you are here, the trees are here, the birds are here, the clouds are here, the stars are here – everything is existing in this moment. It is not that first you exist, then trees exist, then clouds, then stars. Everything is existing simultaneously. But if you have to make an essay, things cannot exist simultaneously. First you talk about people who are gathered here, then you talk about the trees, then you talk about the clouds, then you talk about the stars, farther away stars – by and by you talk, gradually you talk, you put everything in line. Then things exist first, second, third – a queue starts coming into existence.

"Existence is not standing in a queue, existence is all together. That’s why it cannot be expressed in language.

"Finally, language is an echo, a reflection in the mirror, a shadow. How can it express the truth? Language is like the menu–you can read the menu, but the menu is not the food. You can read the menu but you cannot eat the menu. The menu can do one thing, it may give you appetite– but it cannot satisfy your appetite.

"The words of a master can give you an appetite for God, but they cannot satisfy the hunger for God. The scriptures may provoke a desire in you, but they cannot fulfill the desire. Words can challenge you, but that’s all – because a word is a shadow. The word ‘fire’ is not fire, the word ‘food’ is not food. So it is with the word ‘god’ – the word ‘god’ is not God." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

life... love... belief... ego... peace... mirror... power... bankei... ananda... mahavira...

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