Osho Book: Bliss: Living beyond Happiness and Misery


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Bliss: Living beyond Happiness and Misery

Talks on the Shiva Sutras
No one ever really finds happiness, says Osho, but because they are looking in the wrong direction outside. Real happiness, bliss, can only be found inside.

Everyone is searching for happiness, says Osho, but because they are looking in the wrong direction outside no one ever really finds it. Real happiness, bliss, can only be found inside. It can be reached by learning the knack of dis-identifying with the mind.

This book on the ancient wisdom of the Shiva Sutras explains how to do this.

These sutras will challenge and disturb peoples ideas about how life can be lived, but they also reveal how bliss is already hidden within the states we all experience daily: waking, dreaming and sleeping.

He shows how to dis-identify from the desires and attachments of the mind that trap everyone during this life, and pull them into the next. The beginning of being human happens only when we get out of this vicious circle called mind.
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    # 1: Your Desires Are Your Hell
    # 2: The Art of Dis-identification
    # 3: The First Step: A Sense of Wonder
    # 4: Deepening the Mantra of Meditation
    # 5: Conquering Your Attachments
    # 6: Mastering the Mind
    # 7: Trust Is the Door
    # 8: The Mysterious Fourth State
    # 9: Hell Is Outside, Heaven Is Inside
    # 10: Om: A Taste of Bliss
Excerpt from: Bliss: Living beyond Happiness and Misery, Chapter 6
"There is no flood in bliss. Bliss is a cool ray, a cool light, there is no flood in it. Bliss is, in a sense, something like sadness. Sadness is between happiness and misery; bliss is beyond both. Sadness is a state of darkness where everything is blunt, dull; sadness is a deathlike state where everything languishes in inertia. Bliss is a luminous state of awareness, but there is neither misery nor happiness there. In this sense bliss is like sadness, where there is no happiness or misery. There is light, but the light is not that of happiness because even the light of happiness has an intensity that makes you perspire.

"This is why people also get tired of happiness. You cannot remain happy for long. It will tire you, because there is intensity in it, sharpness and fever in it. If you were to win the lottery every day you would die, you would not survive. It’s okay if you win it only once in a while, but if you win it every day the tension will be so great that you will not be able to sleep. Your heart will beat so fast that you will not be able to rest. The excitement will be so great that it will become your death. So happiness can only be taken in homeopathic doses. You will not be able to take an allopathic dose. It is given in very small doses – a lot of sorrow, a little bit of joy. Only that much is bearable because happiness is also tension; it has heat, excitement.

"Misery is a tension, happiness is also a tension. There is excitement in both. Bliss is a non-excited state of mind; there is light there, but no heat. There is dance there, but no excitement. There is a silent, serene dance without any sound. This dance is in emptiness: it causes no fatigue, it is not of the body. Both happiness and misery belong to the body, but bliss belongs to your being; it is a different dance altogether." Osho

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