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Osho Book: The Book of Nothing: Hsin Hsin Ming


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The Book of Nothing: Hsin Hsin Ming

Talks on the Faith Mind of Sosan
A masterful and eminently readable introduction to the unique wisdom of Zen, especially its profound understanding of the mind and its functioning.

There is little known about the ancient Zen master, Sosan, yet with very few words hehas revealed how a river finds its course, how a seeker finds his path without knowing.Step by step, Osho unlocks the meaning within Sosan’s verses, revealing the individual, tangible maps contained within every seeker of truth. Through this book the reader can be awakened to sense his own way forward.

This is not a guide book filled with instructions on which turns to take, which decisions to make. It is a book in which Osho skillfully uses words to carve a path into the heart of meditation – a phenomenal journey that begins with the words on a page and ends in the most profound silence of The Book of Nothing: Hsin Hsin Ming.
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140 x 203 mm
    #1: The Great Way Is Not Difficult
    #2: The Way Is Perfect
    #3: Stop Talking and Thinking
    #4: To Return to the Root
    #5: The Unity of Emptiness
    #6: Strive to No Goals
    #7: All Dreams Must Cease
    #8: Life in True Faith
    #9: Not Two
    #10: No Yesterday, No Tomorrow, No Today
Excerpt from: The Book of Nothing: Hsin Hsin Ming, Chapter 9
"All positive emotions and positive attitudes are dynamos of energy; they create more energy, they never drain you. If you are happy, suddenly the whole world flows towards you with energy, the whole world laughs with you. And people are right in their proverbs if they say: "When you laugh, the whole world laughs with you. When you weep, you weep alone."It is true, it is absolutely true.

"When you are positive the whole existence goes on giving you more, because when you are happy the whole existence is happy with you. You are not a burden, you are a flower; you are not a rock, you are a bird. The whole existence feels happy about you.

"When you are like a rock, sitting dead with your sadness, nursing your sadness, nobody is with you. Nobody can be with you. There simply comes a gap between you and the life. Then whatsoever you are doing, you have to depend on your energy source. It will be dissipated, you are wasting your energy, you are being drained by your own nonsense.

"But one thing is there, that when you are sad and negative you will feel more ego. When you are happy, blissful, ecstatic, you will not feel the ego. When you are happy and ecstatic there is no I, and the other disappears. You are bridged with existence, not broken apart – you are together." Osho
"Sosan?s book is so small, just like Isa Upanishad, and far more significant. When I say that my heart breaks, because I would like Isa to be the ultimate book, but what can I do? ? Sosan has defeated it. Tears come to my eyes because Isa is defeated, and also because Sosan is victorious?.

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In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

look… accept… reality… enjoy… center… seed… society… sosan… mahavira… ramakrishna

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