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Osho Book: The God Conspiracy


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The God Conspiracy

The Path from Superstition to Super Consciousness
The God Conspiracy exposes the age-old alliance of the politician and the priest against human freedom,joy, pleasure, comfort and luxury. The politician pays homage to the priest in order to legitimize his power, and the priest enforces the rules of individual behavior – all in the name of God.

It is one extreme to believe in God; it is another extreme not to believe in God. Osho is not about ’belief, ’ he is all about ’experience’ – so that in the ideological debate about the existence of a supreme being, both atheism and theism become irrelevant.

It is through meditation that one can come to discover the universal truth of one’s own consciousness – and through this direct experience, to know that life itself is enough unto itself, does not need the fiction of any god. Once this is experienced inside at one ’ s deepest core, one will never project the same superstitions again.

Authentic living , free of divisive belief systems based on fear and greed, does not need any god, does not need any priest, and does not need any prayer. All that it needs is an exploration of one’s inner world , and a recognition of that inner world as the place where all divisions and belief systems disappear. That exploration Osho calls Zen, going inwards, reaching to the very point where we are connected to all that is divine in existence.

This experience and understanding creates a new human being and consciousness, which is so urgently needed today.

Books like The God Delusion by British biologist Richard Dawkins and God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens all demonstrate a growing understanding that the fictitious father figure of God might not be the most intelligent arrangement to determine the course of human affairs. This book brings a transformation – making us aware of the freedom and responsibility we have for ourselves and the environment of which we are part – here – now.
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    # 1: God is Dead and Man is Free
For What?
    # 2: God Is an Insult to Man
    # 3: God Is Just like Tomorrow
    # 4: Od Is Lie
    # 5: God Is Your Insecurity
    # 6: God Is Original Sinner
    # 7: God Is the Business of the Priest
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Excerpt from: The God Conspiracy, Foreword
"The axiom is that anything that exists has to be created by somebody. How can it come into existence by itself? This is the problem. Everything that is has been created;otherwise how can it come in the first place? So they bring in God to help you solve the problem of who created the universe.
But what are you going to do with God? Does God exist? If God exists,then who created him? If he does not exist,then how could he create the universe? If God himself does not exist,how can he create existence? And if he exists,then what about your basic maxim that anything that exists needs a creator? No,don’t ask that.That’s what all the religions say – don’t ask who created God. But this is strange – why not? If the question is valid about existence, why does it become invalid when it is applied to God?" Osho

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