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Living Dangerously

Ordinary Enlightenment for Extraordinary Times
"Be creative. Be ordinary. The golden rule for life is that there are no golden rules." The wisdom of Osho, one of the best-loved spiritual teachers of our time, connects simply and directly to the everyday reality of our lives. Now, more than two decades after his death in 1990, his teachings will touch an ever-wider audience through this essential compendium of his inspiring views on such subjects as Belief, Responsibility, Relationships, Doing Good, and the Power of Consciousness.
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    Meditation the Master Key
    No Commandments, Just a Few Requests
    The Invitation
    Don?t Let Your Doubt Die
    Never Imitate
    Beware of Knowledge
    Live Moment to Moment
    Be Just an Authentic Human Being
    Don?t Fight with Your Body
    Live, and Try to Know What Life Is
    Respect Life, Revere Life
    Be Creative
    Be Ordinary
    The Golden Rule for Life Is That There Are No Golden Rules
    Live Dangerously
    Live Watchfully
    Ordinary Enlightenment for Extraordinary Times
    Belief Is Borrowed, Trust Is Yours
    The Responsibility of Being Free
    Awareness Is the Only Morality
    Being Total Is Being Whole
    From Relationship to Relating
    Doing Good, Serving Humanity, and Other
    Roads to Hell
    Asleep and Awake
    Proposals for a Golden Future
    Science in Service of Life
    Education for Life
    The End of Nations
    The Power of Consciousness
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