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Music for OSHO Gourishankar Meditation (CD , mp3)


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OSHO Gourishankar Meditation

The breathing in the first stage of this meditation will make you feel as high as Gourishankar (Mount Everest). This "high" is carried into the subsequent stages.

Osho says that if the breathing is done correctly in the first stage of this meditation the carbon dioxide formed in the bloodstream will make you feel as high as Gourishankar (Mount Everest).This "high" is carried into the subsequent stages of soft gazing, soft and spontaneous movement, and silent stillness.

A one-hour meditation, with four stages.
Music For Meditations - Details Meditation Stages: You can read more about this meditation here?
New Earth Records
CD, mp3
    #First Stage: Cyclic breathing
15 min.
    #Second Stage: Watch a flashing light
15 min.
    #Third Stage: Latihan
15 min.
    #Forth Stage: Be still
15 min.
Osho talks about breathing, as in the 1st Stage of Gourishankar Meditation:
"It is not that you are breathing, but existence is breathing you. It is a change of gestalt, and it happens on its own. If you go on relaxing, accepting everything, relaxing into yourself, by and by, suddenly, you become aware that you are not taking these breaths – they are coming and going on their own.

"And so gracefully. With such dignity. With such rhythm. With such harmonious rhythm.
Who is doing it? Existence is breathing you. It comes into you, goes out of you. Each moment it rejuvenates you, each moment it makes you alive again and again and again."

Osho, Ancient Music in the Pines, Chapter #3

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