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Love Is Absolutely Adventurous

Talk #9 of the Series, No Water No Moon

"It is very rarely that a philosopher comes to a buddha. It is almost impossible. But whenever it happens, it can become a revolution, it can become a transformation in the philosopher. Why is it so impossible that a philosopher comes to Buddha? Because philosophy and religion are very antagonistic; their approach is totally opposite, diametrically opposite.

"Philosophy believes in thinking and religion believes in trust. A thinker doubts easily, but cannot trust so easily. A doubting mind is needed to be a philosopher, a very skeptical mind. To be religious deep trust is needed – not at all skeptical, not doubting at all. The philosopher lives through logic; the religious man lives through love, and there is no way to help love and logic meet. There is no way; they never meet, their paths never cross each other."
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Osho continues:
"They may run parallel – just like the railway tracks – but they never meet. They may be very close, but they always run parallel. Even if you think they meet somewhere, it is an illusion.

"Just stand at a railway track and see the rails running parallel: on the faraway distant horizon you will think they are meeting. They are not meeting, that is an illusion. Go to that point and you will find they are still parallel. Two parallel lines can never meet. Heart and head are parallel lines, they never meet. You can take a jump, from one line you can go to the other – that's possible. You can take a jump from the head to the heart, but there is no continuity; it is a jump.

"If you believe in the head too much – that means believing in doubting – this jump becomes impossible. There have been great philosophers; they thought and thought, and they pondered and contemplated, and they have created big systems, miracles of words, but they are not nearer to the truth than any ignorant man. Rather, on the contrary, the ignorant man may be nearer, because at least he is humble in his ignorance, at least he is not egoist, at least he can listen to the other. At least if a buddha comes to the town the ignorant man can go to him, because he knows he does not know – that much humility is there. A philosopher cannot go because he already knows. That is the problem: without knowing anything, he thinks he knows.

"This is happening with me every day. If a philosopher comes, a psychiatrist comes – a man who has studied psychology, philosophy and religion in some university – it is difficult, almost impossible to have any communion with him. You can discuss, but you cannot meet – you will move parallel. You may appear close because you use the same words, but that is just appearance.

"Why is it so difficult for logic to love? – because love needs a very courageous act, and that courageous act is to move into the unknown. Logic is always a coward, it never moves into the unknown."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

silence… philosopher… meaning… enemy… failure… delusions… silent… ananda… wittgenstein… gurdjieff

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