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Bravo America

Glimpses of a Cosmopolitan World

Gurdjieffs last words to his disciples were, 'Bravo, America.' I have heard you appreciated his insight about America, but right now the way American bureaucracy and politicians are behaving, it seems the words of Gurdjieff are no longer relevant.

"No, they are still relevant. A man like George Gurdjieff never becomes irrelevant. People of that category are eternally relevant. Politicians may be behaving in an ugly way the only way they know but America is not just the American politicians." Osho

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"Don't just listen to me; rather, be with me. Listening is secondary; being with me is primary, basic just to be in my company. Allow yourself to be totally here-now with me, in my presence, because that death has happened to me. It can become infectious. I have committed that suicide. If you come close to me, if you are in tune with me even for a single moment, you will have a glimpse of death."

Osho, Secrets of Yoga, #1

Bravo America
Excerpted from: From Bondage to Freedom, #22

"Gurdjieff's statement means first that America has no burden of past conditioning one thing. It is a very thin layer of conditioning, three hundred years, in comparison to ninety thousand years. To change the Hindu mind is almost impossible. It is so old, so thick; so deep have gone the roots. But the American mind is only very superficially conditioned one thing which makes it possible that America can be deprogrammed, and Americans can become the first citizens of a new world. Perhaps Gurdjieff was remembering the words, 'brave new world,' when he said, 'Bravo, America.'

"Secondly, America is the only country where all kinds of people Spanish, Italian, English, German, Swedish, Belgian, Swiss all kinds of people have mixed. It is not a race; it is more cosmopolitan than any other country.

"The man of the future has to be cosmopolitan. He cannot be an Italian, a German, an Indian, an African. No, he can only be a human being. There is more possibility in America for it to happen. All other countries are racial; America is a nonracial country. It is a tremendous opportunity to create a new world without any racial mind.

"Thirdly, America is more receptive to new ideas, new technologies, new scientific research, than any other country, for the simple psychological reason that a child has no past, he has only a future. That's why he is always ready to learn in fact, asking too many questions because he wants to know what this life is all about. He harasses his parents by asking questions which the parents themselves don't know how to answer. They don't know the answers either, and they are not courageous enough to say, 'We don't know.'

"An old man has no future, only past. The old man looks backwards, not forwards. In the future there is only darkness and death, in the past are all his golden memories; he lives in the past. The same is true about countries." Osho

In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

Bravo America... Gurdjieff... America... new ideas... past conditioning... American mind... brave new world... future... past... country...

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