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Not to Be in the Mind Is Everything

Track #10 of the Series, Bodhidharma: The Greatest Zen Master

"These sutras of Bodhidharma are pure gold except on one point: wherever he mentions the arhatas he suddenly becomes absolutely blind. His conception about the arhatas is the only flaw that he cannot drop. I will remind you whenever he falls below the ultimate wisdom and becomes attached to his opinion. It is extremely surprising that a man of the caliber of Bodhidharma can behave just like any ignorant person in certain situations. But this reminds us of the frailty of human beings and this can be helpful to you not to become too much attached to your opinions, because every opinion is going to make you blind, blind to the opposite opinion.

"A man of pure understanding is available to all the contradictions without any choice. He remains choiceless, just silently aware, knowing that they are contradictions but that ultimately they meet somewhere."
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Osho continues:
"Life meets death, day meets night, love meets hate, yes meets no. For the man who is beyond all opinions, for him yes is partial just as no is partial. In fact, when they both meet and merge into each other, when yes is no longer yes, and no is no longer no, when it is absolutely indefinable because where yes and no meet, it is going beyond conceivability – this is the transcendence – going beyond the mind.

"But even people like Bodhidharma have certain blind spots. It is something like the scientists say: at least ten percent of people in the world are color blind although they are not aware of it. It is a big percentage; it means out of ten people, one person is going to be color blind. And by color blind they mean that the person cannot see a certain color at all.

"Rarely does one come to discover one's color blindness. It happened in George Bernard Shaw's life. For sixty years he was not aware that he was color blind. On his sixtieth birthday a friend sent a gift of a beautiful suit, but he must have forgotten to send a matching tie with the suit. And Bernard Shaw loved the suit and he told his secretary that they should go immediately to find a matching tie, 'Because this evening many friends will be coming to celebrate my birthday and I would like to use this suit for the evening.'

"They went to the shop where the best quality ties were available and he looked at many ties and finally he chose one. The shopkeeper was shocked, his secretary was shocked; they could not believe what he was doing. It looked very ridiculous; the suit was green and he had chosen a yellow tie. Simultaneously the secretary and the shopkeeper both said to him, 'It will look very odd. You have chosen a very strange color. With green, this yellow will not look good.'

"George Bernard Shaw said, 'What do you mean? They are the same color.' He had no eye for yellow; yellow looked to him like green. He could not see the yellow at all. But it was just coincidental."
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