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To Take up a Koan

Track #6 of the Series, The Buddha: The Emptiness of the Heart

"Maneesha, before I discuss what Bukko is saying, I have to introduce you to the word koan.

"It is something like a puzzle that cannot be solved – basically insoluble. For example, how you looked before you were born – there is no way to solve the problem, there is nowhere to find the answer. Or the koan – the most famous one – the sound of one hand clapping. Now, one hand cannot clap; for clapping the other hand will be needed.

"So first you have to understand the meaning of koan. It is some kind of statement which has no answer anywhere, and the master gives it to the disciple to meditate on and find the answer. From the very beginning the disciple knows, and the master knows, there is no possible way to find the answer."
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Osho continues:
"But it is a great strategy: when the mind cannot find the answer – and the meditation has to be very urgent, with total energy focused on the koan – the mind feels almost impotent. It looks here and there, brings out this answer, that answer, and gets hits from the master for bringing a wrong answer.

"Every answer is wrong, because the very function of the koan is not to get the answer; the very function of the koan is to tire your mind to such a point that it gives up. If there were an answer, the mind would find it. It does not matter whether you are very intelligent, or not very intelligent – no intelligence of any category can find the answer.

"But naturally, mind tries and tries. And the disciple comes every morning to see the master, to tell him what he has found in the twenty-four hours. In the beginning, the disciples think perhaps they may be able to make it out.

"A disciple was given the koan of one hand clapping. He heard the sound of the wind passing through the pine trees, and he thought, 'Perhaps this is the sound of one hand clapping.' He rushed to give the answer to the master, but before he could even open his mouth he was beaten.

"He said, 'This is too much! I have not said anything.'

"The master said, 'It does not matter whether you have said anything or not – you were going to say something.'

"The student said, 'But at least you should have heard it first'

"The master said, 'It does not matter, whatever you say is going to be wrong. Just go and meditate!'

"When disciples become accustomed, they don't rush to the master with answers. They know there is no answer. Knowing that there is no answer, mind gives up. And the whole strategy is very subtle, to put the mind aside; tired, exhausted, it has no desire to function anymore.

"The moment you put the mind aside, you have entered into the world of meditation. It has nothing to do with the koan, but the koan helped to tire the mind.

"Bukko is a very practical master; most of the Zen masters are not so practical."
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