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Another Sunday

Track #8 of the Series, Dang Dang Doko Dang

As a child, Sundays have been something very special to me. Now, since a few days, I wake up every morning and go out, see the sun shining through the trees, hear the birds singing and get this feeling, 'Ah, another Sunday.' I put on my best clothes and have Sunday for the whole day. What is happening to me?

"Don't make a problem out of it.

"The mind is constantly searching for something to pounce upon – even happiness. It makes a problem out of happiness also. If you are feeling happy, you ask, 'Why?' That question is dangerous.

"If you are suffering it is good to ask why, because the suffering has to be dissolved, transcended; ways and means have to be found to get out of it – so the 'why?' is relevant."
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Osho continues:
"But when you are happy, then to ask why is to disturb it. There is no need to ask any questions. When happiness surrounds you accept it totally without any questioning. If you are ill, diagnosis is needed, analysis is needed, because the disease has to be found. But if you are healthy you don't go to the doctor to ask, 'Why am I healthy? Diagnose my health. What is happening to me?' You don't go.

"It is a habit of the mind because it has been always living in misery, unhappiness, and always the 'why?' has been relevant. So when clouds disappear for the first time and the sun shines in your life, the old question goes on persisting – 'Why?' Learn to accept happiness, learn to enjoy it without any questioning, learn to trust happiness, don't doubt it, because the very doubt will be a poisoning. Happiness rarely happens. Those moments are very few and far between. When they come welcome them, open your door, receive them with your full heart, don't withhold anything. Even a question will become a very, very strong wall between you and your happiness.

"Every day is a Sunday. It should be so. Every day is a holiday. It should be so. Because all days belong to him. Each moment is holy. Once you understand it, you will stop asking questions like this.

"Don't think that any particular day is needed for you to be happy – only a particular mind. It has nothing to do with time; everything depends on the attitude, how you look at life. There are people for whom even a Sunday is not a Sunday. There is no light, no sun rising – even on a Sunday. They are clouded in their own darkness, shrouded in their own misery. They carry their hell around them. Even if you force them into heaven they will go on carrying their hell. They will live in their hell. Nobody can force them out of their hells unless they decide to drop it. It is your decision to be happy or to be unhappy.

"I have heard about a Sufi mystic who was always happy, always and always."
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