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Begin with Simple Things

The bear of reason

Track #10 of the Series, The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol. 4

You are my favorite meditation. Do buddhas mind being gazed on for more than three seconds at a time?

"The question is from Maneesha. It is tremendously important to understand.

"Jesus was taking his leave from his disciples. The last night, when he was going to be arrested, breaking the bread he said, 'This is my flesh, this is my meat; you eat it.' Pouring the wine he said to his disciples, 'This is my blood; you drink it.' What he is saying looks very crude, but the meaning is very significant: a disciple has to become a cannibal. He has to eat his master, his master's vibes. The very presence of the master has to be swallowed, chewed, digested. A buddha exists only for that: so that you can eat him."
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Osho continues:
"Of course, it depends on you what will happen after you have eaten a certain vibe. The transformation will happen within you; you will have to be very careful.

"There are people who eat food, the best of foods you can give to them, and they will only produce manure and nothing else. There are people who will produce something more: thinking, philosophy, mind. There are a few more – very rare – who will produce something still higher: poetry, music, love, And there are very rare souls who will produce something even higher: prayerfulness, meditation. And there are only a few, few and far between in the history of humanity, who will eat the same food you eat and will produce godliness, or nirvana. It is the same food that we eat. The poet also eats the same food that you eat, but something becomes poetry out of that food. An essential part of the food becomes poetry; it bursts out in song. A dancer also eats the same thing as a soldier, but the soldier only produces violence and the dancer produces grace. It depends on you how you will use my presence.

"Meditate as much as you can; that is the most basic thing – everything else is secondary. And there is no limit to it: as much as you can digest, digest. There is no excess in it, there cannot be. The more you do, the more you will feel you can do still more. Until your whole being is transformed into the same kind of presence as your master, go on meditating.

"Another scene.

"Bodhidharma lived in China for many years, and then one day he decided that now the time had come for him to go back to his home. He wanted to return to the Himalayas, he wanted to die in the Himalayas. He gathered his disciples, the four foremost disciples, and he asked them, 'What is truth?'

"The first said something which was philosophical, logical, very systematic, but Bodhidharma was not happy. He looked very sad. He said, 'You have only my skin.'

"He asked the other; he said something. His answer was a little better than the first one: more intuitive, less intellectual, more poetic, more musical."

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