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I Am Not Your Father

Track #11 of the Series, From Death to Deathlessness

"It is good that you recognize that you are a hypocrite. That is the beginning of finding all the roots of resentment, hatred, cruelty. Once a person recognizes that he is a hypocrite, things become very easy. He has found the disease.

"But the second thing that you say is not right. You say you are a hypocrite, and a rough man, and you are happy you have found a soft master. That's wrong. Nobody can be rougher than I can. Who told you that I am a soft master? You cannot find any rascal in the whole world to compete with me. So, drop that completely.

"You are a hypocrite, that I accept. But I am not a soft master. My ways may look very soft but what I am doing is simply destroying your ego, your hypocrisy, your personality, so that you can discover your authentic individuality."
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Osho continues:
"It is hard work, because you are identified with your personality. The moment I hit your personality, you immediately feel as if you have been hit. You have not been hit.

"Your personality is your enemy. And only those who are ready to see their personality being killed, murdered, butchered, can live with me, because then they will see what is meant by spiritual rebirth. Whatever your parents, your society, your family have done to you, I have to undo it. And you are preventing me from undoing it. Perhaps that is why you call me a soft master – you want me to be a soft master. You cannot deceive me. You can deceive yourself and the whole world, but include me out!

"This is your desire, that I should be soft. And how can I be soft with you when you are doing every nasty thing to me? You have replaced your father with me. This is criminal. I have never fathered anyone, because I don't take unnecessary accidental things on my own shoulders.

"You have replaced your family with the commune? Then naturally as a shadow the resentment against your father will become resentment against me, and the resentment against your family will become resentment against the commune.

"And don't say to me that unconsciously you have done it. You are perfectly conscious, you are asking the question! You know perfectly well what you have done. Nobody can ask a question about what his unconscious has done. How are you going to know your unconscious? The very word unconscious means that you are not aware of it.

"You are perfectly aware, so it is not an unconscious thing that you have replaced your father with me, your family with the commune. No, you are perfectly conscious. But certainly, being a hypocrite, you can go on deceiving others. And finally, the person who goes on deceiving others is bound to deceive himself. He becomes so accustomed to deceiving.

"I used to have a friend who was a kleptomaniac. He was not interested in stealing – he belonged to a rich family, there was no need for him to steal. And things like a button, a safety pin – absolutely absurd."
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