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Enlightenment Is None of Your Business

Track #9 of the Series, The Great Pilgrimage: From Here to Here

"Enlightenment is as far away as you are from yourself; hence the distance differs from individual to individual.

"You are certainly in a difficult position: first, you are a German, and nobody has ever heard of any German becoming enlightened. Only one of my German sannyasins used to become once in a while enlightened, and again he understood, 'What am I doing? It is not for me,' and he dropped the idea. That happened many times. Just now I have heard that he is washing dishes in a Zorba the Buddha restaurant. The person who told me about him had asked him, 'What happened? You had become enlightened.'

"He said, 'Forget all about it. Five times I became enlightened, and then I dropped the whole idea. I am feeling far happier washing dishes in the restaurant.' What was happening was that whenever he would come here he would become unenlightened, and whenever he would go to Germany he would become enlightened."
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Osho continues:
"In Germany there was no question, no objection; nobody has even heard what it means, so in Germany it would be easier. Here it is a little difficult.

"Secondly, you are really in a big dilemma: you are a liar! First a German, and then a liar makes things very complex – otherwise enlightenment is as easy as nothing else in the world. Everything needs some effort, except enlightenment. Everything needs you to go somewhere, everything needs you to do some climbing the ladder – except enlightenment.

"Enlightenment is the easiest, because it is not an achievement. Don't make a goal of itthat's what is making it difficult for you. If you are feeling good and grounded in meditation, you are perfectly in the right direction. Just get all your ocean of thoughts settled. Let it become a lake without any ripples.

"You drop the idea of enlightenment – it is none of your business. Meditation is going well; that means the tree is growing well, the flowers will be coming in their own time, in their own season. No tree is worried, no tree is concerned about why the flowers have not come yet; they always come in their own time.

"All that you have to take care of is that the tree should not die, that it should be nourished, that it should have a good soil, that it should be watered, that it should have your love, your friendship. All you can do is nourish your meditation, become more and more grounded and centered. One day suddenly, from nowherethe explosion.

"You don't have to go to enlightenment; it comes to you. In fact, even that is not right to say. It does not come either; it happens – and it happens from your innermost core. It is an explosion, just like the explosion of an atom. Atomic explosion comes from the innermost core of the atom. Enlightenment is the explosion of your innermost life center. Suddenly all darkness is gone! A light has descended upon you from every side, and a light that needs no fuela light that remains, that has come forever.

"Nobody can become unenlightened; that is an impossibility, that's a difficult task – even a German cannot do that."
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