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I Am the First World Citizen

Track #12 of the Series, The Great Pilgrimage: From Here to Here

"Devageet, there is no problem in giving you a few sutras and jokes – but I will not give them for the nourishment of your poor soul for the simple reason that soul needs no nourishment. The soul is never poor.

"The only really poor people in the world are those who are unaware of their soul and the treasures it contains.

"There is a poverty of the body, which is man-created. Science declares definitively that we can produce enough food, enough nourishment for more than five billion people; by the end of this century the population of the world will be five billion. Who is preventing them?

"Every six months America is drowning so much food in the oceans that just the cost of taking it to the ocean comes to two billion dollars."
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Osho continues:
"And the same is happening in Europe: every six months they have so much food that they don't have customers for it – mountains of butter, and they don't have any more warehouses. Keeping it in the warehouses is costly; they have to drown it in the ocean. The last installment in Europe also took two billion dollarsjust to drown the butter, cheese and other nourishing food.

"At the time they drowned it, one thousand people in Ethiopia were dying of starvation every day. By the end of this century – if this stupid politics and these ugly lines on the map don't disappear – then half the population of the world is going to die. Of course, that half will not be in the advanced, scientifically and technically equipped West; it will be in the East.

"I am always surprised at what the Eastern politicians are doing: I cannot deny the simple fact that they are trying to gain more nuclear weapons without bothering that their own population will die in such large numbers – one in two. That means every house will be surrounded by corpses; there will not be even people to bury them or burn them. The by-products of so many people – for example, in India fifty million people will die – their death and their rotting bodies will create millions of diseases, about which nobody is bothering at all.

"The Indian prime minister goes to Russia to get more military power; he goes to America to get more uranium so that he can also make nuclear weapons. It seems so stupid and so madif we could get rid of all the politicians there would really be peace in the world.

"And the same applies to the religious people. Now the Vatican pope comes to India, and goes to Mother Teresa's orphanage, where only seven hundred orphans are. He is very much interested in saving them, but he says not a single word when the European market, where he lives, drowns millions of tons of nourishment which could have saved Ethiopia.

"What is true about political leaders is also true about your so-called religious leaders. Their concern seems to be that it will be better that the East is finishedbut their part of the world should become more affluent, more rich."
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