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Trust Is the Bridge between You and Existence

Track #1 of the Series, The Hidden Splendor

"It rarely happens that one attains his childhood again. It should happen more. It should happen to everybody because without its happening, your life remains incomplete.

"You go on missing something – something that you had known but you have forgotten – a faded memory, a lost remembrance. And the gap is not only a gap, it is a wound. It hurts, because you had brought something with your birth into the world and you have lost it somewhere. And it seems impossible to find it in this crowded universe. But unless it happens, your life has been in vain, a misery, a suffering, a futile longing, a meaningless desire, a thirst that you know cannot be quenched.

"Millions of people are born, live their time, and die, but without knowing why they were born, without knowing why the opportunity of life was given to them."
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Osho continues:
"Without even knowing who they are: from where they come and to where they are going. What is their destiny.

"A life of such meaninglessness is at the most a kind of vegetating – without consciousness, without awareness, without even knowing the hidden splendor of your being.

"You are blessed. And remember always to pray to the existence that everybody should be blessed in the same way.

"You are saying, 'A circle seems to be complete.' It is complete – don't say it seems to be complete. 'I feel myself arriving at a place I had left in my childhood, living an innocent, poetic, ecstatic life. The whole universe was my family. Then – first out of trust and then out of fear – I allowed society to take over.'

"This is the greatest crime that society commits against every child. No other crime can be greater than this. To spoil a child's trust is to spoil his whole life because trust is so valuable that the moment you lose trust, you also lose your contact with your own being.

"Trust is the bridge between you and existence. Trust is the purest form of love, and once trust is lost, love also becomes impossible.

"But every child's trust is being exploited. He naturally trusts his parents and because of his trust, they go on giving him beliefs which are poisonous, a personality which is false, an ego which will deprive him of his own soul; beliefs, thoughts, scriptures, which are going to hinder his intelligence, which are going to prevent his search for truth, which are going to make him part of some stupid, organized religion.

"I call every organized religion stupid, because true religion can never be organized. True religion is always individual, it has nothing to do with the crowd. A Jesus can be religious but not the Christians. The Christians are only carbon copies. They have forgotten their own originality, their own individuality.

"Jesus was not following anybody. He was not imitating anybody. That was his fault, that he did not allow the society to exploit his trust. He did not allow the crowd to reduce him into a false personality. He remained an individual."
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