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A Blissful Milieu

Track #8 of the Series, The Revolution

As I come to understand more deeply how completely the mind has been conditioned it seems to me that even the guru-disciple relationship is an expression of this conditioning. For man to be totally liberated, must he not also transcend this traditional belief by leaping through love in the wonder and mystery of life itself, beyond the form of gods or gurus?
If my heart makes a leap of surrender through a guru, doesn't that very act of creating an authority outside of myself become a subtle form of bondage? I have just described my mind-heart search for truth. Can you please go into this more deeply?
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Osho continues:
"The master is not a person, the master is a presence. How can you have a relationship with a presence? Either you see it and you dissolve into it, or you don't see it.

"But there is no possibility of any relationship. There has never been a relationship between the master and the disciple; the word relationship is irrelevant there. It may appear so to the outsider, but the outsider is not in the know of things. The outsider cannot be relied upon, just because he is the outsider – he does not know things as they really are in the inside.

"A disciple knows no relationship with the master, he is simply one with the master. And how can a master know any relationship with the disciple? He is not, he has disappeared – that's why he is a master. A master is not a person, but a presence. And you cannot be related to a presence. The moment you recognize the presence you are dissolved. You merge, you melt, you disappear.

"A master is a door, a master is a gesture of the unknown, a master is a beckoning light – but not a person at all. An open door, a voice calling from the wilderness, a provocation, a seduction into the divine, an invitation – but not a person at all.

"So the first thing to be understood is: the master-disciple 'relationship' is a misnomer. It really appears so from the outside, because of course you see the master and the disciple. And naturally they are together, so they must be related. But it is not togetherness. It is not union, it is unity; they are no more two in their inner beings.

"The second thing: you are not supposed to surrender to the master. If you do it, it will be a conditioning and you will miss the whole point. Surrender happens; you find yourself surrendering. The moment you find a presence of the divine on the earth, a presence of the unknown in the body – when you look into the eyes of a master and you see the open door – surrender happens. It is not that you do it; if you do it you have missed it. A surrender done is not a surrender at all. Then it is a mind thing; then the mind is conditioned by your doing.

"Who is this doer? Mind is the doer."
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