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The Master Is a Metaphor

Track #18 of the Series, The Secret

Why am I so much afraid of two groups here, the Tantra and the Encounter?

"Man has always been afraid of two things, life and death. He is afraid of life because life brings death; he is afraid of death because death ends life. Hence there have been only two taboos in the world: one is sex – sex represents life; the other is death. All the societies of the world have been repressing two things.

"If you watch people's faces, their beings, you will come to know about two things: that they don't take any note of death, and death is everywhere. Death is the way life exists on the earth. And death is beautiful; it is only through death that life renews itself; otherwise life would become so rotten."
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Osho continues:
"It is death that goes on giving it new garments, new abodes; otherwise life would be in ruins. Death is very creative. You only see the disappearing body, you don't see the new appearance.

"And whatever is death on one side is sex on another side. Death and sex are two aspects of the same coin, and they are always together. If you deny one, you automatically deny the other.

"This is something very important to be understood, because I would like you to live your sex in totality and your death too in its totality. A man is in truth only when he is capable of living life and death both, without any inhibition. Life exists only between the polarity of sex and death. If both are denied – as they have been denied down the ages – then man becomes apathetic. Great apathy arises; man becomes indifferent to things, man becomes boredom.

"Have you observed the fact? Each time you go deeply into love, each time you attain a sexual orgasm, what happens afterwards? A sadness settles; you fall into a deep valley of darkness. That's why people make love and then they go to sleep, to avoid facing that dark, deep valley. It is inevitable because sex brings you to the highest peak of life, to the greatest peak of radiance, joy, to the climax. You vibrate at your maximum. But that can only be for a moment, and then suddenly all starts disappearing, you start falling back. And the fall is going to be deep and steep.

"It is not so only in man. Animal watchers also say animals look very sad after making love. When you make love, life takes a flight, and when life is very much there you become aware, in contrast, of death too. Awareness happens only in contrast. That's why in the night you can see the stars in the sky, not in the day. In the day there is no contrast; the sunlight is so much, you cannot see the stars in the day. But in the night, when the sun is gone and all is dark, stars start appearing. What happens? The contrast of darkness is needed for them to appear, just as you write with white chalk on a blackboard."
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