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Forget the Dancer and Be the Dance

Track #14 of the Series, The Secret

I keep meeting people who can see auras, and I feel I am missing. What can I do to share this sight?

"God is not an experience. No experience as such is spiritual; all experiences are mind games. Beware of it. Whatsoever can be seen will be part of the illusory world. The seer is the truth, not the seen. You can see auras and you can see angels and you can see kundalini rising and you can see inner lights – but they are all seen. They are not you.

"The seer is the witness, and only the witness is the truth. All else is a dream. And there are worldly dreams and there are other-worldly dreams; there are materialistic dreams and there are spiritualistic dreams."
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Osho continues:
"One thing has to be remembered always, that whatsoever is seen is worthless – even if it is God. The God that is seen is worthless.

"When all experiences disappear and you are left utterly alone, nothing to see, only emptiness in the hands, no experience at all, then suddenly you realize yourself. Then you turn upon yourself, then you fall into your source. And that is not an experience, it is a realization. That is the difference between the words 'experience' and 'realization.' It is not that you have seen something, experienced something. Now you know who you are.

"The great Sufi mystic Maghrebi says,

"Don't speak to us of visions and miracles, for we have long ago transcended such things.

"We saw them all to be illusion and dreams, and dauntlessly we passed beyond them.

"You will meet many people here who will go on playing these games. They are simply wasting their time. Avoid their company. I am going to attract all kinds of people, and particularly the people who are interested in spiritualism. They will bring all their diseases here. They will talk nonsense – they will talk about miracles, psychic experiences. And naturally, when somebody talks about such things, you start feeling as if you are missing. You are not missing a thing, because he is only dreaming.

"But he can create this feeling in you, that you are lacking something, that your growth is not going well, that you are not growing as fast as you should grow. He will create in you the feeling of inferiority, and that is dangerous. Once you start feeling inferior you become sad, depressed, you carry a heavy weight on your chest; and that will become a hindrance in your growth.

"And every possibility is there that if you desire you will start seeing these things. Desire creates dreams. If you start thinking that you are missing, soon your mind will project. The mind is always ready to give you anything that you desire, and particularly such things. If you desire money it will be difficult because it is not only a question of your own mind. If you desire to become the president of a country it may not be easy because there may be much competition."
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