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Why Can't You Dance?

Track #5 of the Series, The Path of Yoga

"The first sutra:
Right-knowledge has three sources: direct cognition, inference and the words of the awakened ones.

"Pratyaksha, direct cognition, is the first source of right-knowledge. Direct cognition means a face-to-face encounter without any mediator, without any medium, without any agent. When you know something directly, the knower faces the known immediately. There is no one to relate, no bridge. Then it is right-knowledge. But then many problems arise.

"Ordinarily, pratyaksha, direct cognition, has been translated, interpreted, commented on, in a very wrong way. The very word pratyaksha means before the eyes, in front of the eyes. But eyes themselves are a mediation, the knower is hidden behind. Eyes are the medium. You are hearing me but this is not direct, this is not immediate. You are hearing me through the senses, through the ears."
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Osho continues:
"You are seeing me through the eyes.

"Your eyes can wrongly report to you, your ears can wrongly report. No one should be believed; no mediator should be believed because you cannot rely on the mediator. If your eyes are ill they will report differently, if your eyes are drugged they will report differently, if your eyes are filled with memory they will report differently.

"If you are in love then you see something else; if you are not in love then you can never see that. An ordinary woman can become the most beautiful person in the world if you see through love. When your eyes are filled with love then they report something else. And the same person can appear the ugliest if your eyes are filled with hate. They are not reliable.

"You hear through the ears. Ears are just instruments, they can function wrongly; they can hear something which has not been said, they can miss something which was being said. Senses cannot be reliable, senses are just mechanical devices.

"Then what is pratyaksha, then what is direct cognition? Direct cognition can only be when there is no mediator, not even the senses. Patanjali says then it is right-knowledge. This is the first basic source of right-knowledge: when you know something and you need not depend on anybody else.

"You transcend the senses only in deep meditation. Then direct cognition becomes possible. When Buddha comes to know his innermost being, that innermost being is pratyaksha, that is direct cognition. No senses are involved, nobody has reported it, there is no one like an agent. The knower and known are face to face, there is nothing in between. This is immediacy, and only immediacy can be true.

"So the first right-knowledge can only be that of the inner self. You may know the whole world, but if you have not known the innermost core of your being your whole knowledge is absurd, it is not really knowledge; it cannot be true because the first, basic, right-knowledge has not happened to you. Your whole edifice is false. You may know many things…if you have not known yourself all your knowledge is based on reports, reports given by the senses."
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