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Returning to the Original Mind

Track #3 of the Series, Yoga: The Supreme Science

"This is one of the most significant sutras.

"First, what is the original mind? – because the original mind is the very goal of all yogas. The East has been searching continuously the path to the original mind. The original mind is that mind which you had before you were born, not in this life, but before you entered the world of desires; before you were confined to thoughts, desires, instincts, body, mind; that original space, uncontaminated by anything; that original sky, unclouded – that's the original mind.

"On that original mind, layers and layers of minds are there. A man is like an onion; you go on peeling it. You peel one layer, another layer is there; you peel that layer, another layer comes up. You don't have one mind, you have layers and layers of many minds."
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Osho continues:
"Because in each life you have cultivated a certain mind, then in another life another mind, and so on and so forth. And the original mind is lost completely behind these minds, these layers upon layers. But if you go on peeling the onion, a moment comes when only emptiness is left in your hands. The onion has disappeared.

"When minds disappear, then arises the original mind. In fact, to call it a mind is not good, but there is no other way to express it. It is a no-mind. The original mind is a no-mind. When all the minds that you have, have been dissolved, dropped, the original appears with its pristine purity, with its virginity. This original mind you have already. You may have forgotten. You may be lost in the jungle of your mind's conditionings, but deep down, hidden behind all these layers you still live in your original mind, and in rare moments, you penetrate to it. In deep sleep, when even dreams have stopped, in dreamless sleep, you have a dip into the original mind. That's why in the morning you feel so fresh. But if there has been a continuity of dreams the whole night, then you feel tired. You feel more tired than you were feeling when you went to bed. You could not have a dip into your inner Ganges, into your stream of pure consciousness. You could not move into it, you could not bathe in it. In the morning you feel tired, worried, tense, confused, divided. You don't have the harmony that comes out of deep sleep. But it is not coming out of deep sleep; deep sleep is just a passage to the original mind. That's why Patanjali says that samadhi is like deep sleep with only one difference: in samadhi, you move into the same original mind that you move into in sleep, but you move fully aware; in deep sleep, you slip into it unawares, not knowing where you are going, not knowing what path you are following. That's your only contact left with the original mind.

"Doctors and physicians know well that whenever somebody is suffering from a disease, if he cannot sleep well, then there is no way to cure him."
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habit… desires… sleep… desirelessness… desire… layers… original… play… playful… krishnamurti

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