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Track #9 of the Series, Yoga: The Supreme Science

"The first sutra:Visesa-darsina atma-bhava-bhavanavinivrttih.
When one has seen this distinction, there is a cessation of desire for dwelling in the atma, the self.

"Buddha has called the ultimate state of consciousness anatta – no self, non-being. It is very difficult to comprehend it. Buddha has said that the last desire to drop is the desire to be. There are millions of desires. The whole world is nothing but desire objects, but the basic desire is to be. The basic desire is to continue, to persist, to remain. Death is the greatest fear; the last desire to be dropped is the desire to be.

"Patanjali in this sutra says: when your awareness has become perfect, when vivek, discrimination has been achieved, when you have become a witness, a pure witness of whatsoever happens, outside you, inside you You are no longer a doer, you are simply watching; the birds are singing outsideyou watch; the blood is circulating insideyou watch; the thoughts are moving insideyou watch – you never get identified anywhere."
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Osho continues:
"You don't say, 'I am the body'; you don't say, 'I am the mind'; you don't say anything. You simply go on watching without being identified with any object. You remain a pure subject; you simply remember one thing: that you are the watcher, the witness – when this witnessing is established, then the desire to be disappears.

"And the moment the desire to be disappears, death also disappears. Death exists because you want to persist. Death exists because you don't want to die. Death exists because you are struggling against the whole. The moment you are ready to die, death is meaningless; it cannot be possible now. When you are ready to die, how can you die? In the very readiness of dying, disappearing, all possibility of death is overcome. This is the paradox of religion.

"Jesus says, 'If you are going to cling to yourself, you will lose yourself. If you want to attain yourself, don't cling.' Those who try to be are destroyed. Not that somebody is there destroying you; your very effort to be is destructive because the moment the idea arises, 'I should persist,' you are moving against the whole. It is as if a wave is trying to be against the ocean. Now the very effort is going to create worry and misery, and one moment will come when the wave will have to disappear. But now, because the wave was fighting against the ocean, the disappearance will look like death. If the wave was ready, and the wave was aware that: 'I'm nothing but the ocean, so what is the point in persisting? I have been always and I will be always, because the ocean has always been there and will be always there. I may not exist as a wave – wave is just the form I have taken for the moment. The form will disappear, but not my content. I may not exist like this wave; I may exist like another wave, or I may not exist as a wave as such. I may become the very depth of the ocean where no waves arise '

"But the innermost reality is going to remain because the whole has penetrated you."
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