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The Witness Is Self-Illuminating

Track #7 of the Series, Yoga: The Supreme Science

"The first sutra:The modifications of the mind are always known by its lord, due to the constancy of the purusha, pure consciousness.

"Patanjali takes the whole complexity of the human being into account – that has to be understood. Never before and never after has such a comprehensive system ever been evolved. Man is not a simple being. Man is a very complex organism. A rock is simple because a rock has only one layer, the layer of the body. It is what Patanjali calls annamay kosha: the most gross; only one layer. You go into the rock; you will find layers of rock but nothing else. Look at a tree and you will also find something else other than the body. The tree is not just the body."
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Osho continues:
"Something of the subtle has happened to it. It is not so dead as rock; it is more alive – a subtle body has come into existence. If you treat a tree like a rock, you mistreat it. Then you have not taken into account the subtle evolution that has happened between the rock and the tree. The tree is highly evolved. It is more complex. Then, take an animal – still more complex. Another layer of subtle body has evolved.

"Man has five bodies, five seeds, so if you really want to understand man and his mind – and there is no way of going beyond if you don't understand the whole complexity – then you have to be very patient and careful. If you miss one step, you will not be able to reach your innermost core of being. The body that you can see in the mirror is the outermost shell of your being. Many have mistaken it, as if this is all.

"In psychology, there is a movement called behaviorism, which thinks that man is nothing but the body. Always beware of people who talk of 'nothing buts.' Man is always more than any 'nothing but' can imply. Behaviorists Pavlov, B. F. Skinner and company think that man is the body – not that you have a body, not that you are in the body, but simply that you are the body. Then man is reduced to the lowest denominator. And of course, they can prove it. They can prove it because that is the grossest part of man and is easily available to scientific experimentation. The subtle layers of man's being are not so easily available. Or, to say it in other words: scientific instrumentation is not yet so sophisticated. It cannot touch the subtler layers of man.

"Freud, Adler go a little deeper into man. Then man is not just the body. They touch something of the second body, what Patanjali calls pranamay kosha: the vital body, the energy body. But only a very fragmentary part is touched upon by Freud and Adler; one part by Freud and another part by Adler.

"Freud reduces man to just sexuality. That is also there in man, but that is not the whole story."
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