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Cultivating Right Attitudes

Track #9 of the Series, Yoga: The Science of the Soul

"Many things have to be understood before you can understand this sutra. First, the natural attitudes: whenever you see somebody happy, you feel jealous – not happy, never happy – you feel miserable. That's the natural attitude, the attitude that you have already got. And Patanjali says the mind becomes tranquil by cultivating attitudes of friendliness towards the happy – very difficult. To be friendly with someone who is happy is one of the most difficult things in life. Ordinarily you think it is very easy. It is not! The case is just the opposite. You feel jealous, you feel miserable.

"You may show happiness, but that's just a facade, a show, a mask. And how can you be happy? And how can you be tranquil, silent, if you have such an attitude?

"The whole life is celebrating; millions of happinesses are happening all over the universe, but if you have an attitude of jealousy you will be miserable, you will be in a constant hell."
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Osho continues:
"And you will be in a hell precisely because all over there is heaven. You will create a hell for yourself, a private hell, because the whole existence is celebrating.

"If somebody is happy, what comes first to your mind?…As if that happiness has been taken from you? As if he has won and you are defeated? As if he has cheated you? Happiness is not a competition, so don't be worried. If somebody is happy, it does not mean that you cannot be happy – that he has taken happiness; now how you can be happy? Happiness is not existing somewhere where it can be exhausted by happy people.

"Why do you feel jealous? If somebody is rich, maybe it is difficult for you to be rich because riches exist in a quantity. If somebody is powerful in a material way, it may be difficult for you to be powerful because power is a competition. But happiness is not a competition. Happiness exists in infinite quantity. Nobody has ever been able to exhaust it; there is no competition at all. If somebody is happy, why do you feel jealous? And, with jealousy, hell enters into you.

"Says Patanjali, that when somebody is happy, feel happy, feel friendly. Then you also open a door towards happiness. In a subtle way, if you can feel friendly with someone who is happy, you immediately start sharing his happiness; it becomes yours also – immediately! And happiness is not some 'thing,' it is not material; it is not something that somebody can cling to. You can share it. When a flower blooms you can share it; when a bird sings you can share it; when somebody is happy you can share it – and the beauty is that it does not depend on his sharing; it depends on your partaking.

"If it depended on his sharing, on whether he shares or not, then it is a totally different thing. He may not like to share. But this is not a question at all, it does not depend on his sharing. When the sun rises in the morning you can be happy, and the sun cannot do anything about it."
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