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Does the Universe Love Me?

Track #6 of the Series, Yoga: A New Direction

What is your path, the path that you reveal to us?

"It is not a path at all; you are not to travel it. Rather, it is a simple understanding. You have to stop all traveling. A path is to travel and to go somewhere; a path is to reach somewhere, to attain something; a path is a means and the end is far away in the future. That's what I mean when I say whatsoever I am talking to you about is not a path; it is a simple understanding. If you understand, you have already reached to the goal. If you understand, you have always been in the goal, never for a single moment have you been away from it. You may have been dreaming that you have gone away, but you have not left your home for a single moment."
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Osho continues:
"This is a no-path. Or, if you insist for the word, or if you are so fascinated with the word, call it a pathless path. But try to understand me: this is not a path. I am giving you not the means but the end itself.

"The second question:
Since coming to you, living a meditative life has become an easier and more natural phenomenon. However, I have practically given up all hope for enlightenment. Are these tendencies contradictory?
"Not at all. To attain to enlightenment that is a must – that you should lose all hope and desire for it. Otherwise the desire for enlightenment becomes a nightmare in itself. And the more you desire it, the further away you are from it – greater the desire, greater will be the distance. Drop all desiring for it, all hoping for it. If you have really become desireless about enlightenment, any moment it is possible to happen. Give space; don't be filled with the desire for it.

"The greatest barrier to enlightenment is the longing for it, because a mind that longs and desires is always tense. It has a subtle anxiety around it; it is never at ease. How can you be at ease if you have to go somewhere, reach somewhere? You may be sitting, but you are on the move. Visibly you may be resting, but invisibly you are restless. Drop all nonsense. Nobody has ever been able to attain enlightenment through desire. That's why all buddhas insist: become desireless.

"I am not saying that when you become desireless you will attain to nirvana or enlightenment; I am saying when you are desireless you are nirvana, you are enlightenment. The desire is the disturbance in you, just like ripples in a lake…ripples disappear, the lake is silent.

"It is easy to drop the desires of the worldly things, very easy. In fact it is absolutely foolish to cling to them. Only stupid people cling to worldly things, because anybody can see that they are going to be taken away from you. All clinging is futile, fruitless, and anybody who has even a small quantity of intelligence can become alert that accumulating things is not going to give you enrichment; rather, it will make you more and more poor."
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love… anger… enlightenment… tantra… pray… desireless… minds… patanjali… krishnamurti… indra

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