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Osho Audiobook - Selected Indiviudal Talk: Watchfulness, Awareness, Alertness (mp3)


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Watchfulness, Awareness, Alertness

Track #26 of the Series, From Ignorance to Innocence

Responses to a question on how to explore the higher states of consciousness. According to Osho there are not many ways to explore higher levels of consciousness, there is only one: the way of awareness.

"Man is almost unconscious. I say ‘almost’ – there are moments, situations where he becomes conscious, but they are momentary." Osho
Audiolibri - Dettagli Talk from the original series: From Ignorance to Innocence, #26
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"If you want to go above consciousness, you have to go below consciousness. But there is only one method.My name for it is meditation.But meditation is equivalent to watchfulness, awareness, alertness." Osho
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Osho continues:
"The subconscious, unconscious, collective and cosmic unconscious – these four layers are under your conscious. Above are also four layers. The question is how to reach the higher states of consciousness.

"The method is a very strange one, but there is only one way. You have to go down first. You have to enter the cosmic unconscious. Unless you disappear into the cosmic unconscious, you cannot enter into the superconscious, the first level above conscious.

"What actually happens: as you enter the cosmic unconscious, your subconscious, your unconscious, your collective unconscious all disappear, just like small rivers falling in the ocean – a vast ocean of cosmic darkness. It is a death. And unless you are born again you will not enter the kingdom of God.

"Jesus must have heard that statement somewhere in India from a Buddhist monk, because it has no source in Jewish religion. Its only source can be a Buddhist source, because that′s what Buddha was teaching: that you dive deep into the cosmic unconscious, and as you enter into it, all is darkness, you are lost completely. But wait – don′t be in a hurry and don′t back out. Don′t run back, because where will you go? You will go back again to the same routine world in which you had lived.

"Don′t run. Wait, wait a moment. And the darkness as you wait starts becoming less and less dark. It is almost as if you are coming from the outside in the hot sun, and enter in the house and you suddenly see darkness because your eyes are focused for the light outside. The sunlight is so bright that your pupils shrink. They cannot bear that much light going in, so they become small, very small. And then suddenly you enter your house; it takes a little time for your eyes to adjust to the new situation; the sun is no more there. Your pupils start becoming bigger. When they become bigger then the house has more light." Osho

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