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Osho Audiobooks - Series of Talks: Come Follow to You, Vol. 3 (mp3)


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Come Follow to You, Vol. 3

Reflections on Jesus of Nazareth.
Jesus is brought alive in a new and dynamic way – not the Jesus that the theologians and scholars have presented to us but Jesus as seen through the eyes of a contemporary mystic.

Osho talks on excerpt from the gospels of Matthew and John. In alternate discourses, some highlights are his answers to questions about trust, his path in relation to other paths, the difference between being a fatalist and going with the flow, perfectionism, the behavior of an enlightened man, the paradox of tears of joy, and on what can distract us in the world while on the path of meditation. He also gives his own beautiful interpretation of The Lord′s Prayer.
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Excerpt from: Come Follow to You, Vol. 3, Chapter 9
"A Jesus is always ready – readiness to go back, readiness to fall back onto the shores – because a Jesus is ripe. And whenever a fruit is ripe, the fruit can say, ‘Yet a little while I am with you – with the tree, a little while – and then I go unto him that sent me.’ And then the fruit drops to the earth, and disappears into the earth from where it came.

"Whenever you have become ripe, you disappear. That is the meaning of the Eastern concept of becoming free from birth and death. Whenever you become ready, there is no need for you to be thrown back into existence again and again. You are thrown back because you dont learn the lesson. It is like a child who fails every time and has to be sent back again to the same class.

"If he learns the lesson, passes the examination, then he is sent to another class, a higher one. And when he finishes his education, then there is no need to go back there. The world is a training, a discipline. You are sent again and again, because you have not yet learned the lesson. Once you learn it, you are back to the original source.

"Jesus is constantly aware, Buddha is constantly aware. Whether Buddha lasted for forty years and Jesus lasted only for three years, it doesnt make much difference, because in the vast eternity, forty years is just a little longer." Osho
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