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The Divine Melody

In this series of ten talks Osho discusses some of the most beautiful songs of Kabir. In one particularly fascinating discourse Osho speaks on the seven chakras, the seven stages through which each individual must pass, and a categorization according to which chakra we function from. Another discourse examines love as "the only miracle there is," and relationships. In addition, Osho answers questions on subjects as diverse as homosexuality, prayer, being oneself, the distinction between ego and individuality, trust, the male and female within each individual, and humanity′s addiction to misery.
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Excerpt from: The Divine Melody, Chapter 9
"Nothing else is essential. Search, seek, try to know what truth is – and truth is not in abstractions, and truth is not in scriptures, and truth is not to be found in the dialogues of the theologians. Truth is herenow. Truth is: you have to become available to it. Truth is in the opening of your heart – love will become the bridge between you and truth.

"Right now you are trying to live with the world, with the ego-bridge. Ego separates, love joins. Love is the only yoga -- `yoga' means union. Ego separates, makes you an island – aloof. And look at the irony: first you cultivate the ego, and then you say, ‘I feel very lonely.’ Ego makes you feel lonely, it makes you lonely. Ego makes you like a small island. Love... again you have become the continent. Love is the bridge between you and that which is.

"Kabir sings the song of love. And he says: through love you will attain to that pause between two notes... where divine melody continues... where God is playing on his veena. And that is very close by. Right now, this very moment, it is surrounding you. It is within your reach, almost within your grasp – just a little more understanding, a little more awareness. Live in awareness. Let these four steps become your whole religion, your whole Torah – all else is just commentary.

"Be herenow... just this moment: you see the beauty of it? This very moment the benediction is here, God is here. When you are silent he speaks, when you are listening he sings.

"And learn to transform your poisons into honey, so all barriers are destroyed.

"Then third, start sharing: whatsoever you have, share it. Share your beauty, share your song, share your life. In sharing, you will be enriched. Don't hoard. The moment you start hoarding you are going against God. The moment you start hoarding you are trying to depend on your own self; you have lost trust in life. Give it! As life has given it to you, give it – more will be coming.

"And fourth, be nothing. Nothing is the source of all, nothing is the source of infinity... nothing is God. Nothing means nirvana. Be nothing – and in being nothing, you will have attained to the whole. In being something, you will miss; in being nothing, you will arrive home." Osho
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