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Osho Audiobooks - Series of Talks: Tao, The Pathless Path, Vol. 2 (mp3)


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Tao, The Pathless Path, Vol. 2

In this book of talks on Tao Osho calls it "the pathless path" because he says it has a different quality – the quality of freedom, anarchy and chaos. He goes on to say, "Anything that is an imposition, a discipline, an order imposed externally, only serves to distract the seeker from his path." As well as commenting on stories of Lieh Tzu, a Tao mystic, Osho answers questions about marriage, intimacy, the possibility of Tantra merging with Tao; whether a master can save a disciple, the difference between being special and unique, and about doing your own thing.
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Excerpt from: Tao: The Pathless Path, Vol.2,Chapter 2
"When I say 'listen' I don′t mean concentrate, because if you concentrate you will become very tense. In a tense mind meditation is not possible. So when I say 'listen' the first step – it means: simply be relaxed, open, available. I am singing a song to you, let this song reach and vibrate in you. You should not be worried about whether you will be able to remember it or not – that is not the point at all. Once you have vibrated with it, something of it will have penetrated into your being, will become part of you. In fact that which becomes part of you is real knowledge and you need not cram it. The unreal knowledge is that which you have crammed and has not become a part of you.

"When a student goes to an examination he remembers a thousand and one things, but after three months, if you ask him, ninety-nine per cent of it has gone down the drain. Somehow it was just managed, with very great tension and strain. He was keeping it, holding it, for the examination. Once the examination is finished he will lose that hold and things will disappear.

"Can’t you observe it in your own life? How much do you remember of that which you crammed in your university days how much? If you are examined again you will all fail. You will not be able to remember. Even the professors who teach in the universities will all fail if they are examined again because the examination was just a momentary effort. But real knowledge is never forgotten because real knowledge is never remembered. That which is remembered will be forgotten: that which is not remembered cannot be forgotten, there is no way to forget it.

"There are a few things you cannot forget for example, swimming. You cannot forget it. You may not have been to a river for fifty years but you cannot forget it because it has never been remembered, it has gone into your being, it has become part of you. This is real knowledge. All that is real becomes part of you it remains available forever and ever. There is no way to forget it. That which I call know-ledge is that which cannot be forgotten. Even if you make an effort to forget it you will fail you cannot forget it.

"Watch in life – and you will find two categories, different categories. One is that which you have to remember but you go on forgetting again and again. Another is that which you don′t remember but is simply there – is there not as a memory but as part of your being. There is no need to hold it, it is simply there. Even if you want to throw it out you cannot that is real knowledge." Osho

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