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Osho Audiobooks - Series of Talks: The Beloved, Vol. 2 (mp3)


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The Beloved, Vol. 2

Ten talks based on the natural, magical wisdom inherent in the songs of these delicious madmen, mystics, fools and poets, the Bauls of Bengal. Osho also responds to seekers′ questions, and no matter what the question may be, the answers he gives always convey the trust, oneness and love experienced by the Bauls.

Osho says of the Bauls: "Theirs is the path of the dancer, the singer, and the aesthetic man."
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Excerpt from: The Beloved, Vol. 2, Chapter 1
"If you are not growing your roots into life, if you are not growing your roots and spreading your roots in love, in trust, you will remain a dwarf. You will never become the essential man, adhar manush. Grow, grow towards depth – because when your roots grow towards depth, your branches grow towards height. Depth and height grow together. The deeper you go into the earth, the higher you go into the sky. The deeper you go into this shore, the closer you reach to the other shore.

"Love, love life, love all that surrounds you, and let your roots spread as far and as wide as possible. You will start touching the feet of God. Your flowers will start being offered to the divine feet. Otherwise, remember – you will remain a dwarf.

"Love is a must. It is the only nourishment for the soul. The body can exist with food; the soul can exist only with love. Let it not remain just a word; allow it to become a penetrating experience.

"Love is worship for the Bauls, love is prayer for the Bauls, love is God for the Bauls." Osho
In questo titolo Osho parla dei seguenti argomenti:

god... trust... center... doubt... seeking... real... seed... gurdjieff... vivekananda... isador...

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