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The New Dawn

A many-faceted series of talks in which Osho dismantles a great variety of questions from seekers. One asks: With the imminent possibility of global suicide isn′t it a paradox that all we can do is to sit silently? Another worries about the misuse of genetic science, and a third isn′t sure how to respond to the madness of living in the world. And there are many questions of the heart: about feelings of unworthiness; how to make the transition from loneliness to aloneness, and what it is that we learn from love. Osho′s responses are applicable to everyone, everywhere, who is sincerely seeking to understand and to evolve.
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Excerpt from: The New Dawn, Chapter 18
"The space, the connection, the merging and the melting that can be called communion, is one of the great secrets of religious life. We have to understand another word before we can comprehend the meaning and the fragrance of the word ‘communion’, and that word is ‘communication’. We all know what it means. When two persons are meeting without meeting, without any merging, without any melting both are keeping a safe distance from each other it is called communication.

"They may be talking, but nobody is hearing. They are talking almost as if in sleep. Their talk may be apparently relevant, rational, but deep down, it is something totally different. When one is speaking, the other is pretending to listen, but he is really preparing what he is going to say after the other stops. He is not silent, he is not absorbing, he is not allowing the other to approach his heart.

"In fact, when two persons are meeting, there are four persons, not two. Two are the real persons which are hidden behind two false personalities; both are pretending to be what they are not. Both are trying to show their best, both are on exhibition, both are showmen. The real persons are hidden behind; they are unapproachable. You can at the most have contact with the mask, with the personality.

"And because the personality is false, all its promises are false, all its commitments are false it says something, it does just the opposite. It says something, it means something else. To watch two persons, just as an observer, you will be surprised: nobody is hearing anybody, and yet both are pretending that they are not only hearing, they are understanding, they are responding. And what is their response? They just catch a word, and they jump in and start talking. It seems to be related, because they have caught a word from your talk. But they are not responding to you; they have been preparing what they are saying without hearing you." Osho
In questo titolo Osho parla dei seguenti argomenti:

compassion... existence... alone... truth... life... answer... mystic... bokuju... confucius... ramakrishna...

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