Osho Book: The Book of Wisdom (2nd Edition)


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The Book of Wisdom (New Edition)

The Heart of Tibetan Buddhism
A Guide to Atisha’s Seven Points of Mind Training

Any religion or philosophy you pick – if you are looking for a real insight from a fresh point of view – you can find it from Osho. Tibetan Buddhism is no exception. The age of a tradition does not automatically result in wisdom – only awareness and an eternally young mind can give meaning to a reader today. Osho’s The Book of Wisdom is not a book of esoteric philosophy; don’t read this as an academic introduction to Buddhism – you might be disappointed.

Based on the ’Seven Points of Mind Training’ by the 11th century Buddhist mystic Atisha, The Book of Wisdom conveys the essential science and methodology of meditation with a freshness and spontaneity that is rarely found in contemporary spiritual works. Osho removes the dust of tradition which has gathered around meditation. The book is a guide for inner discipline and transformation and some light and often humorous question and answer sessions between Osho and his audience make the practical connection from the spiritual theory to meditation as a lifestyle.
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157 x 235 mm
2nd Edition
    #1: Atisha the Thrice Great
    #2: The Lilies in the Field Are Enlightened
    #3: Sitnalta and the Seventeen Chakras
    #4: The Last Chance to Rebel
    #5: Sowing White Seeds
    #6: Sannyas Is for Lions
    #7: Learning the Knack
    #8: Krishnamurti?s Solo Flute
    #9: Watching the Watcher
    #10: Miracles Are Your Birthright
    #11: Expelled from the World
    #12: Buddha in the Supermarket
    #13: Don't Make Wicked Jokes
    #14: Other Gurus and Etceteranandas
    #15: The Smokeless Flame
    #16: The University of Inner Alchemy
    #17: Wake up the Slave
    #18: Dropping out of the Olympics
    #19: The Three Rung Ladder of Love
    #20: Diogenes and the Dog
    #21: Vagabonds of the Soul
    #22: The Greatest Joke There Is
    #23: Consciousness Is Total, Pure Energy
    #24: Bring in the New Man
    #25: We Are Ancient Pilgrims
    #26: The Illogical Electron
    #27: The Soul Is a Quest
    #28: Be a Joke Unto Yourself
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Excerpt from: The Book of Wisdom, Chapter 1
"Just as India gave Bodhidharma to China, India gave Atisha to Tibet.

"Tibet is infinitely indebted to this man. These seven points, the smallest treatise you can find, are of immense value. You will have to meditate over each statement. They are the whole of religion condensed: you will have to unfold each statement. They are like seeds, they contain much. It may not be apparently so, but the moment you move into the statements deeply, when you contemplate and meditate and start experimenting with them, you will be surprised – you will be going into the greatest adventure of your life." Osho
In questo titolo Osho parla dei seguenti argomenti:

believe... life... intelligence... trust... real... desire... existence... atisha... krishnamurti... diogenes...

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