Osho Book with DVD: Tantra: The Way of Acceptance


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Tantra: The Way of Acceptance

The message of Tantra endorses Osho’s understanding that only through total acceptance of ourselves can we grow. Osho speaks on Tantra meditation techniques (let go and surrender), and tantric love and spirituality in sex.
Here the Tantra message – don’t live a repressed life, otherwise you don’t live at all – is made accessible and understandable to modern readers, who will learn to live a life of expression, creativity, and joy.
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With DVD
    Tantra:The Meeting of Earth and Sky
    The Serpent Is the Savior
    Saraha, Founder of Buddhist Tantra
    Saraha's Royal Song
    Understanding the Science of Tantra
    The Language of Silence
    Tantra and Yoga
    The Inner Map of the Chakras
    Tantra Is Transcendence
    The Four Mudras
    Essentials of the Tantra Vision
    The Way of Intelligence
    Beyond Indulgence
    Beyond the Taboo
    Without Character
    The Unity of Opposites
    The Tantra Vision in Practice
    Tantra Trust
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Excerpt from: Tantra: The Way of Acceptance
"Tantra teaches you to reclaim respect for the body, love for the body. Tantra teaches you to look at the body as the greatest creation of existence. Tantra is the religion of the body. Of course it goes higher, but it never leaves the body; it is grounded there. It is the only religion that is really grounded in the earth: it has roots. Other religions are uprooted trees, dead, dull , dying; the juice does not flow in them.

" Tantra is really juicy, very alive.

"The first thing is to learn respect for the body, to unlearn all the nonsense that has been taught to you about the body. Otherwise, you will never turn on, and you will never turn in, and you will never turn beyond. Start from the beginning. The body is your beginning." Osho

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