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Crimes Against Humanity, Nature, Environment, and Ecology

"Friends, today I am going to talk first about religion and the crime that it has committed against humanity, nature, environment, ecology.

"Religion's crimes are many, innumerable, but the worst crime is that it has placed man at the center of existence. It has given the idea to the whole of humanity that the whole existence is for your use: you are God's greatest creation." Osho

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"While listening, listen to me and at the same time keep looking at that one too, catch hold of him, keep touching him that one who is listening.
"Certainly you are listening, I am speaking. But don't notice only the speaker, keep track of the listener too. Remember him again and again continuously. Gradually you will find that the moments you were in touch with the listener are the only moments you heard me; the rest is useless."

Osho, Enlightenment: The Only Revolution, #3

Crimes Against Humanity, Nature, Environment, and Ecology
Excerpted from: One Seed can Make the Whole Earth Green, #3

"Religious founders have been lying in every possible way. Moses lied to his people that on the Sinai mountain he had seen God, and God had given him ten commandments. Nobody has seen God.

"Just think of yourself: if by chance you come across God, what are you going to do? Hit him hard and kill him, because all the suffering that humanity has been going through for centuries and centuries is the responsibility of the God who created man, who created the world.

"What was the need? Existence was perfectly silent and beautiful. What was the need to create Genghis Khan, and Tamerlane, and Nadirshah? Just between these three, they killed one hundred million people.

"What was the need to create Adolf Hitler? And strangely enough, he killed God's chosen people: six million Jews in Germany! And he himself proclaimed that he was the reincarnation of a Jewish prophet, Elijah.

"Strange... a Jewish prophet killing six million Jews? He should have killed Germans. But the problem was, he had the same stupid idea: that the Nordic German race is the superiormost race; it is born just to conquer the world. Other races are subhuman. That was the clash. Two 'chosen' races cannot live together. Their egos continuously get into conflict.

"All these religions say there is only one God and one God creates three hundred religions just to fight with each other? This God must be mad, if he exists at all.

"I feel it is better that we should trust Friedrich Nietzsche's declaration that he is dead, because to be dead is better than to be mad. At least you died in full sanity.

"My feeling is he committed suicide, seeing the situation and what a mess he had created." Osho


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