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The Magic of Self Respect

"You don't find an objective self, you find a subjectivity, and finding it is such a blessing, such an ecstasy that you will not care a bit about paradise. And you will not be bothered any more about surrendering because there is nothing to surrender. You have discarded all that was phony, that was only pretension.

"You have been told you are this, you are that, and you have accepted it. You have started playing the game of being this and being that, and nobody has told you – nobody can tell you – who you are. It is only you who can discover it. In discovering it, the ego evaporates it is not surrendered, because it is a non-existential, a shadowy thing, it has no substance in it." Osho

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"… sometimes when you are listening to the tape it is only the word that you are hearing. When you are listening to me directly, the word becomes secondary, my presence becomes primary.
"It is very simply to listen to the word; it is very difficult to listen to the presence. Because with the word you are in absolute control; with me you are not. The tape you can turn on and turn off ..."

Osho, The Zero Experience, #11

The Magic of Self Respect
Excerpted from: From Ignorance to Innocence, #30

"I do not teach the ego, hence I cannot teach surrender, because surrender is nothing but the subtlest form of the ego.

"Surrender is not against the ego, it is in fact an act of the ego. Who surrenders? And by surrendering, who becomes humble? Who becomes meek? It is the ego standing upside down. It makes no difference whether the ego is standing on its legs or on its head. In fact it is more dangerous when it is on its head because then you will not be able to recognize it.

"Jesus says, 'Blessed are the meek,' but what is meekness? 'Blessed are the humble,' but what is humbleness? Can a man who has no ego be humble? How can he be humble? Who will be humble? A man who has no ego has no way to be meek or to be humble. He cannot be an egoist on the one hand; he cannot be a humble person on the other hand.

"To teach surrender is to give you a strategy to hide your ego, to sublimate your ego.

"Yes, that's the right word, sublimation Freudian word, very significant. You can sublimate anything, so much so that recognition becomes impossible. You may even start thinking that this is the very opposite of the original thing. Meeting a humble man you will feel how egoless he is he also feels how egoless he is. The ego has come from the back door and now it is no more condemned, but appreciated.

"And why is a meek person, a humble person appreciated? That too is a strange story. He is appreciated because he fulfills everybody else's ego. Just see the whole game of it. Why do you appreciate a humble person? because being humble to you he buttresses your ego. And because your ego is buttressed, you in response buttress his humbleness.

"Now a vicious circle is created. He will become more and more humble because everybody loves his humbleness. He gains respectability, and everybody enjoys his humbleness because everybody is being satisfied by his humbleness it is a deep satisfaction for the ego.

"Yes, blessed are the humble and the meek because without them how are the egoists going to be contented?

"And when you say, 'They shall inherit the kingdom of God,' then naturally one is ready to do anything.

"I want you to understand it clearly:

"Ego and surrender are two sides of the same coin.

"I don't teach the ego, so how can there be any place for surrender in my religion? I don't teach you to be meek, I don't teach you to be humble.

"I teach you to be authentic, integrated individuals with immense self-respect. The word self-respect may create doubts in your mind because self-respect seems to mean again the ego. It is not so. You have to understand both words, 'self' and 'respect'; both are significant.

"Self is that which you are born with.

"Ego is that which you accumulate.

"Ego is your achievement.

"Self is a gift of existence to you. You have not done anything to earn it, you have not achieved it; hence nobody can take it away from you. That is impossible because it is your nature, your very being.

"Ego is all that you go on accumulating through education, manners, civilization, culture, schools, colleges, universities.... You go accumulating it. It is your effort, you have made it, and you have made it so big that you have completely forgotten your real self." Osho


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