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Osho Video - Individual Talk: The Very Essence of Meditation (DVD)


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The Very Essence of Meditation

Osho refers to meditation as golden moments of losing yourself into something vast. Here he comments on essential statements of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who Osho saw as a genius; who by mistake arrived at the wrong time in the wrong place. Nietzsches statements touch something from beyond the world of philosophy – expressing a first experience of the mystical, the mysterious.
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“You are listening to me. As you go on listening, listen also to the one who is listening. Let the arrow be double: towards me and towards you also. There is no harm if you forget me, but you should not be forgotten. And a moment comes when neither you remain nor I remain... a moment of such deep peace, when two do not remain, only one remains.”

Osho, The Mahageeta, Vol 1, #3

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The Very Essence of Meditation
Excerpted from: The Golden Future, #5

"A meditator has to learn in different ways, from different sides of life, to be lost. Those are the moments when you are no more, but just a pure silence, an abyss, a sky, a silent lake without any ripples on it. You have become one with it. And all that is needed is don't be just a passer-by, don't be a tourist, don't be in a hurry. Sit down and relax. Gaze into the silence, into the depth, and allow that depth to enter into your eyes, so that it can reach to your very being.

"A moment comes when the gazer and the gazed become one, the observer and the observed become one. That is the moment of meditation and there are no more golden experiences in existence. These golden moments can be yours... just a little art, or rather a little knack, of losing yourself into something vast, something so big that you cannot contain it. But it can contain you! And you can experience it only if you allow it to contain you.

"Friedrich Nietzsche is right; he must have said what he had experienced himself. It was unfortunate that he was born in the West. In the East he would have been in the same category as Gautam Buddha or Mahavira or Bodhidharma or Lao Tzu. In the West he had to be forced into a madhouse.

"He himself could not figure it out. It was too much: on the one hand his great philosophical rationality, on the other hand his insights into poetry, and those sudden glimpses of mystic experiences... it was too much. He could not manage and started falling apart. They were all so different from each other, so diametrically opposite... he tried hard somehow to keep them together, but the very effort of trying to keep them together became a nervous breakdown.

"The same experience in the East would have been a totally different phenomenon. Instead of being a nervous breakdown, it would have been a breakthrough. The East has been working for thousands of years; its whole genius has been devoted to only one thing, and that is meditation. It has looked into all possible nooks and corners of meditation, and it has become capable to allow poetry, to allow philosophy, without any problem, without any opposition and tension. On the contrary they all become, under meditation, a kind of orchestra different musical instruments, but playing the same tune.

"There have been many misfortunes in the world, but I feel the most sorry for Friedrich Nietzsche because I can see what great potential he had. But being in a wrong atmosphere, having no precedent and having no way to work it out by himself, alone.... It was certainly too much for an individual, for any individual, to work it out alone." Osho


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