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You Have My Marrow

Track #9 of the Series, Ancient Music in the Pines

"Of what music have I been talking to you? The Hindu mystics have called it omkar, the ultimate sound, or even better, they have called it the anahata, the soundless sound, the sound that is uncreated, the sound that has always been there, the sound of existence itself. It is surrounding you, it is within you, without you. You are made of it.

"Just as modern physics says that everything is made of electricity, Eastern mystics have said that everything is made of sound. On one thing modern physics and ancient mystics agree: modern physics says sound is nothing but electricity, and ancient mystics say electricity is nothing but sound.

"It seems that if you observe the eternal music from the outside, as if it is an object, then it appears like electric energy."
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Osho continues:
"If you feel it introspectively, not as an object but as your very being, as your subjectivity, then it is heard as sound, anahata; then it is heard as music. This music is constantly there, you need not do anything else except listen to it. Listening is all that meditation is about: how to listen to that which is already there.

"In a small school it happened that a small boy sitting in the rear of the classroom appeared to be daydreaming.

"'Johnny,' asked the teacher, 'do you have trouble hearing?'

"'No ma'am,' he replied, 'I have trouble listening.'

"I know you can hear, there is no trouble about it, but you cannot listen. Listening is totally different from hearing. Listening means hearing without mind, listening means hearing without any interference of your thoughts, listening means hearing as if you are totally empty. If you have even a small trembling of thinking inside, waves of subtle thoughts surrounding you, you will not be able to listen although you will be able to hear. And to listen to the music, the ancient music, the eternal music, one needs to be totally quiet, as if one is not. When you are you can hear, when you are not you can listen.

"How not to be is the whole problem of religion: how to be in such a deep silence that being becomes almost equivalent to non-being – that there remains no difference between being and non-being, that the boundaries between being and non-being disappear. You are, and yet in a certain sense you are not; you are not and yet in a certain sense, for the first time, you are.

"When thought is not disturbing youthoughts are like ripples on the lake; silence is like no ripples on the lake, just beingsuddenly you become aware of a music that has always surrounded you. Suddenly it enters from everywhere. You are overwhelmed, you are possessed.

"This is the first thing to understand. You will not be able to know truth unless you have become capable of listening to the ancient music of omkar. This music is the very heartbeat of existence, this music is the very door of existence."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

silence… skin… neurotic… love… conflict… philosophical… solidity… bodhidharma… surdas… doiku

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